Chez, master of Photography

My mate chez helped me all afternoon to get the best studio shots of my snug hoodie. Cheers Mr. Cherry! Really good fun spending all this time in the studio! Check out his work on: http://www.joncherry.net.


Working Late

Late night sewing machine labor to get things done. Hand in is in a few days! 


Pattern Cutting at the Performance Sportswear Department

John Boddy is a legend! He showed me some super helpful stuff regarding pattern cutting which had a positive affect on the style of my work.


Expert Knowledge

I had to get some advice off people who really know what the best neck support is. 
Went to Truro Hospital to talk to a Doctor there and I am now much wiser. 


Decathlon Design HQ Visit

Just got back from a superb road trip to France. Thanks to Patrick Gottelier from the Performance Sports Wear Department at UCF a car load of us went to Lille to visit Decathlons HQ and Design Office. We had a day stuffed with design talks and production/product testing presentation by Philippe Picaud, Design Director and other design staff as well as internship interviews and a HQ tour. 

Their aim is to make sport accessible for all which is great and they have got an amazing studio!