Do Lectures

I just found out, that I have been selected to the Howies Do lectures! YIPPPYYYYY really excited, cant wait to here people like Michael Braungart (co author of Cradle to Cradle), Russell Davies and Trevor Baylis speaking.

It is also going to be exciting to sleep at Fforest farm and meeting new people!

For more about the DO Lectures check out:
http://www.thedolectures.co.uk/, its a lovely designed webpage!


Networks of Design

A few days ago I helped moving exhibition boards up the stairs of The Polly and just now I had a quick look at what my friend Charys Marks created. She was commissioned to design the exhibition entitled Re-imagining Cornwall: Networks and Narratives, which runs in tandem with the Networks of Design International Conference check it out here: http://www.networksofdesign.co.uk/. All work is up and it is looking superb!
"The conference offers the opportunity for academics to explore the fascinating shift that is occurring within design history, away from a discipline that studies prescribed objects, individuals and processes towards a wider investigation of mass consumption, mediation, identity, material culture and the meaning of things. Our hope is that it will encourage a more collaborative and inter-connected approach to design."
The exhibition focuses at the key moments of Design in Cornwall, ranking from the present to the past. The exhibition is free to enter and open from: 25/08/208 – 05/09/2008, 10.00-16.00