Green Neoprene?

Great explanation about 'green' neoprene on Patagonias The Cleanest Line blog. 

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Do Lectures - Hilariously terrifying

Andy Kirkpatrick climbs big kick ass walls and sometimes even with his paraplegic girlfriend on his back (she climbed most of it herself tough) but he also saved Johnny Depp from drowning in chocolate lake! His talk was really really funny and inspirational. I loved the crazy yellow tent he used on one of his adventures (his friends mum made it!). 

Do Lectures- In case I make a mistake, can I make another decision?

Michael Braungart is THE guy I really wanted to see at the Do Lectures. I have read his book and seen a few videos on you-tube and I  think his ideas are a key to a more sustainable future.

He touched on a lot of thinks but for me it was good to hear what he had to say about how things don't need to last forever. He went on that products need to have a defined period but it is important that they are put into the right cycle afterwards. He went on and talked about the biosphere and technosphere and how we should design so that materials can go back into either of them. 

In a funny and thought provoking way he informed and made us question a lot of different products from carpets to recycled freitag bags. 

His key ideas are:
Be good and not less bad!
Design Cradle to Cradle
Design for re-incarnation
Do we need the service or the product? (ie. hot air or hairdryer..) 

Think about: in case a mistake happens, can we make another decision?

Watch his lecture at: www.thedolectures.com/speakers/michael-braungart


Do Lectures "Clouds can help the soul"

Gevin Pretor-Pinney invited us to enjoy and understand the beauty of clouds. Look at the second picture, the cloud looks like a skater on a miniramp! Gevin talked about how most people take clouds for granted and how poor live would be without clouds. All the lovely images he showed us inspired me to look up more and find interesting shapes myself. "Slow down, look up and let the creative thoughts come trough" 

High up in the air

As a thank you for volunteering and helping out during the Tall ship event in Famouth myself and the other volunteers had a 3hour sail on the Mercedis, as a thank you present. 

The inauguration of sailing ship Mercedes was in May 2005 and she is one of the youngest ships in the international fleet of tall ships.  Mercedes has an mpressive rigging with 900 m² total sail area and it was a grand pleasure to sail with her. I ignored my fear for heights and climbed up the high into the mast. Pretty cool experience!


Volunteering at the Tall Ship Regatta

Falmouth hosted the start for the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta over the last few days. I have been volunteering as 'event management assistant' and had to do a great selections of differen jobs. Today was the start of the race and all the ships left Falmouth and lots of boats went out to say goody bye. Spectacular to see so many ships sailing off in the distance!


Goose down & Reindeer hides

What a great combination of materials! The folks from Howies and Fforest Farm really spoiled us all with fantastic sleeping grounds, homemade jam and lots of other jummy  local food and an all round super environment.

The talks by great 'authors, architects, ecologist, activists,  a beekeeper, a climber and an inventor' where a huge amount of inspirational brain food, which will take a few days to digest. 

All lectures where recorded and can be watched at www.thedolectures.com/speakers

More about the speakers soon


Design Salary Survey

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(picture taken of www.coroflote.com)


Hidden Art Design Fair 2008

I went to the beautiful, National Trust owned Godolpin House where the Hidden Art Design Fair took place. To be honest I was slightly disappointed with this years show. After last years amazing visit I felt like not much new work was on show. I do however really liked the curated Dinning room where different lighting design was shown in a dark room and only one at a time was illuminated. I also liked Ismini Samanidou and Hannah Maughan printed textile on glass. They experimented with different pattern to create beautiful windows with integrated curtain prints. Loved it!

For more about the show have a look at: www.hiddenartcornwall.co.uk/events/design-fair