NUTEC Cradle to Cradle Fair in Frankfurt

Nutec stands for: Nutrients- Upcycling- Triple Top Line - Eco-effectiveness- Community and is the name of a fair/ congress, that was held in Frankfurt Messe, Germany from the 12th - 14th November this year. 

This is a rather long entry documenting some of the many lectures offered during the congress. It is for them who could not attend but are interested and for me in case I forget what had been said. 


An anthropological introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch

(Click on the Title to see the video)

This video is pretty informative, funny and scary at the same time. Its all about the influence of the participating mass, the free hugs, the allowance to STARE and not feel guilty for observing people. Its about the power of you tube, its brilliant. Watch it!


Yoshitomo Nara

I looove the work of Japanese artist Nara and managed to see the last minutes of the exhibition at the Baltic in Newcastle before they took it all down. 

Brown Ale and Cool Arcitecture

Been to Newcastle not to long ago as I went for a job interview at Berghaus. They got a few amazing bridges up there. Especially the millennium bridge is pretty impressive. It looks stunning and can be tilted (like the opening of an eye) to let big ships pass. The river area is especially beautiful at night, when they lit up in different colours.