Rising Star

10 year old Marwa on the opening speech for a big day of Skateistan history. She is one of the most progressive skater chicks in Kabul by the way.


Open Day

Today was a day for anyone and everybody to come to the skatepark and check out the park, the classrooms and to look a this "new" activity called skateboarding. Ahmad, a 21 old afghan, a great teacher and good cook sang the Koran whereas General Aghbar, head of the Afghan Olympic Comitee gave a impressive speech. The place was busy and I had all sorts of things on my plate and sadly only managed to get a picture towards the end of the day, still a good indicator on what the park looks like. 


Salang Pass

The Salang pass (el. 3878) is a two and 1/2 hrs drive away from Kabul and is an important connection between the capital city and the north of Afghanistan. It is an incredible road and crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range, picked with uncountable sharp S-bends and beautiful corners.



No need to say more!



Somewhere in Kart-e-Char. Filling up petrol is a great pleasure and comes with a good old fashioned service. The boys always will the car up for you its very handy on cold days.


Snowboarding Afghanistan

Backcounry snowboarding in Afghanistan is an incredible experince. Stunning landscape and great snow framed a beautiful adventure. 



Those guys where hanging around at the Sultan Mohammed Telai (a ruin of a once beautiful graveyard) The holes in the building are bullet marks.


Desert in the City

The backside of the Marajan hill (1850m). A mother walking up with here son. Really like the simple landscape.


A cup of Chai

This guy sells his chai in Shar-e-now park everyday.


Kabul Zoo

Kabul City has got a Zoo. One Lion, a few brown and black bears, one pig, a goat and a hand full of different birds. Apart from the animals there is a really cool pirate swing. You know the once you get in Funparks! I never went as high on them anywhere in Europe! The boys standing in the middle took advantage of aviation and kept on jumping right on the highest point. They had impressive air time!


Pigeon Mosque

This mosque is stunningly beautiful! For 10 afghani you can buy all sorts of different corns to feed the pigeons. I don't really like pigeons but I must admit, I was rather impressed by the variety of corn they have on their menu.


Henna Girls

Henna is Traditionally used here to decorate the brides hands before her big wedding day. It is also a huge fashion accessory and almost every girl has Henna on her fingers or hand. I had it done to me a few times too my now. A friend is an expert in Henna Art and she is able to wipe up beautiful flower deco in no time.  It comes in a cone like plastic bag and she warms it up in hot water. 

Nail polish is also huge it seams. At one time there must have been a donation of a whole lot of peach colored nail polish bottles. I have seen so many street kids with the exact same colored finger nails. Including the boys by the way!


Sultan Mohammed Telai

Sultan Mohammed was Chief Minister and Regent in Kabul around the time of the early 1820's. His greave used to be a beautiful decorated temple out of sandstone on top of a hill overlocking the city. Unfortunately by now a very tortured building but still beautiful. 


Blue Dots

Some women walking...


First Down in Afghans Capital

I arrived in Kabul City this morning. It has ben an inspiring day seeing Afghanistans first skateboarding School, Skateistan. Now there is lots of work to be done....


Portuguese Urban Art

Check out the strip of tiles on the left hand site!

Portuguese Tiles

Mad Architecture

This is going to be the HQ of some Portuguese Mobile Phone Company in Porto. Pretty impressive. It even goes 8 Floors down apparently. 



Good Times!


Porto is Fantastico!

Porto has got an amazingly beautiful city centre. The building in the back is covered in beautiful tiles. Definitely worth a visit. 


Bike ride to nowhere

Peace and quiet near Bad Toelz, Bavaria


Birthday Table

It was a lovely day...


Dads Garden

He looks after his plants well. Looking stunning! 


Isar at down

The River Isar is looking stunning tonight. 


Blue Watch

Blue Watch is the name of a great project created by a talented photographer and friend of mine with the name of John Cherry. The book is a documentary of his twenty-one weeks project with the Falmouth fire brigade. View his gallery here   



Found them lot in Berlin, hiding behind those plants.



A set of flats in Berlin, glad I am not living in there. 


Downhill YEAH!!!!

Bex riding a corner with style at the Kozakov Challenge in Czech  Republic.


Skateboarding in Kabul

A fantastic youth development project in Kabul. Showing children, that conflicts can be solved without guns and violence


Eight Decks and one bench!

Happen to end up at a wicket Skate Jam in Ulm today. Never knew they had such a cool park there! The jam was organised by the local skate shop 58 and apart from a snake run session they organised a pool jam as well as a highest Olli contest. The dude on the picture managed to stand the bench plus eight decks after this jump! 


Good bye nr. 37

The end of an era has to be celebrated in style! We had a great party with fantastic people saying good bye to the beloved home of nr. 37. Thanks to everyone who came! 
Picture taken the morning after...


Last day in the office!

Finish off all my projects today. Leaving the funsporting office...


Howies Do Lectures 2009

Last year I had the privilege of attending the Do Lectures and would recoment everyone to try and get in. It was the most inspiring weekend I had to date! This yeas speaker list is now up here. The dates will be from the 3-7 September 2009


X-Alps 2009 from Salzburg to Monaco has started

I am covering the X-Alps for the next two days. We are currently on top of Salzburg's house mountain, and we just watched 30 top fit endurance athletes who started the Red Bull X-Alps take off. They will be hiking and flaying 818 km along the postcard like mountain range from Salzburg to Monaco. Stopping at impressive mountain tops such as the Watzman, Grossglockner, Matterhorn, Marmolada and Mont Blanc. 

The cool thing about the event is that possible to follow the athletes via live tracking on google map! All the guys are caring GPS device that send all the details via bluetooth to a mobile phone and that phone transfers the information every two minutes. 



Yeah! The stickers I got made are where finally in the post today. Cant wait to bomb town ;-)
By the way, its kind of obvious but they where made for the German Action Sports Awards. Check out the website here


Train Stations

I like Berlin!


BMX Worlds 2009 In Cologne (Köln)

I just got back from the BMX Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Jamie Bestwick, Mark Webb, Daniel Dhers, Anthony Napolitan, Ben Wallace, Ryan Nyquist…the BMX world elite was there! Unfortunately the rain hit the programme hard and some of the comps could not be held but it was still a spectacular event.
Dirt, Vert, Miniramp, Park and Flatland competition where held with I think over 300 register riders and I have seen a lot of sick stuff. Highlights where the pro spine miniramp contest where 14 year old Bred Nananawitcz managed to gain himself the silver medal before Mark Webb! The dirt jump comp was amazing too, obviously! Anthony Napolitan went super huge and technical and is the new world champion. Also seeing the original Haro Freestyle Team (Ron Wilkerson, Bryan Blytheer, Dave Nourie and Mike Domingues) perform there old school stunts was pretty moving. More info to the event here.


Bread and Butter Berlin

Spend the last few day at the Bread and Butter urban street fashion fair in Berlin. The Free Style Magazine was the coolest thing I have seen during the fair. A group of creative people form the UK and Berlin published a tasty looking magazine. It is round and comes with a Freebee is beautifully designed and has got great articles. On top of their van was a DJ playing funky dunes in the sunny afternoon sky.


Football Roof

I was in Thun, Switzerland this weekend where I noticed this funky roof in a near by Village.



The Swiss are not only exporting tasty cheese, yummy chocolate and well working pocket knives. No, they are now bringing the freestyle.ch event to Berlin. YEAH!! Been to the press conference today and it is going to be a sweet as event. The plan is to set up a mega high take-of-platform of 40 meters that is 300 tonnes of steal!!! As well as a good looking skateboard, fmx and party area. Its all going to be happening at the old Airport Tempelhof right in the centre of Germans capital City Berlin from the 9th to the 11 of October 2009.


Run for Zimbabwe

Longboarding trough Ireland to race awareness for the people of Zimbabwe. A group of four friends doing exactly that right now. They have got a daily travel update with photos and videos on their blog. Please look at their website.


DMY Youngsters at the Arena Berlin 2009

Same Same but Different is the theme of this years Festival Program which started last night with the DMY Youngsters Exhibition Opening. The experimental design solutions are now, for the next four days, showcased in the history Arena building. The Arena was build in 1927 as a bus shelter and with its 7.000 sqm. it used to be the biggest self supporting structure in Europe at its time. Now the complex is a microcosm for creative artist and designers with a great atmosphere and even without the DMY Festival an interesting place to visit.

When I arrived, there was a long queue of people trying to get into the doors and I was pleased to see, that design, even with the economic crisis is still of interest. Once I got in I was positively surprised about the originality and quality of the work shown. I have to admit that when I first found out, that the focus of this years exhibition is on Dutch design I was secretly thinking "oh no! not again!" but the work shown was of high standard full of wit and convincing in a creative as well as a social level.

Salzig der sport Hocker (Salty the sporty stool) is a stool to sit on, slide on, roll on, jump on and generally play with is a cool little plastic 'toy' that guarantees a lot of fun. Designed by a young Agency, originally form Kiel and now in Berlin the stool is an ideal piece of furniture for everyone with a young mind! The boys even slide down a skateboard vert ramp and they can do all sorts of funky moves with that thing. Shame I didn't get a great picture but you can see what the thing those on this movie.

Private Circle Design is a Italian collection that re-uses ordinary objects and materials with the aim of inspiring people to find their own possibilities instead of throwing away objects that can have an extra life with a new function. During the opening last night, they invited visitors to come and dress up with their design work which was great fun. On the picture you can see the cassette wallet made out of old tapes. The packaging is a cardboard music player and the user can pull out all sorts of little tags and gadgets.

Students from the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule, Nuernberg had a cool black and white booth where they showcased magazines, illustrations as well as books. Anyone was invited to come and doodle on their wall. Some of the stuff can be purchased at the shop too.

Footy in pink! A project by Cleo Ruchon student from the ESAD Strasbourg called Barbie foot. Horrible colour but a fun idea.

Cardboard toy from Latvia. The in Riga based Agency; Design Drive is a platform for creative thinking and ideas exchange in Latvia. The toys can be illustrated by the children themself and the Designer plans to produce them out of water proof material so that they can be used as floaters. Nice!

Henry Schmidt and Mathias Dietz presented a wall full of "my favourite object" They had asked their friends to take pictures of their most loved things and it was interesting to see them all posted up there. Some of them where even my favourites.

Limited Moth by Thomas Traxler points out the limitations in reality. The lamp portraits a type of rare Austrian moth (only 800 left). The copper swarm is numbered and flays towards the light bulb. Thomas donates some money towards a environmental organisation that trys to conserve the moth. Once there are more moth again Thomas can create more lamps.

The Colo Dishwasher concept breaks the old-fashioned handling habits of existing washing methods. The user can place the dishes on the tray in the sink, it gets washed and dried and later, the tray can be but back onto the wall without the need of sorting out the dishes first. The concept comes from Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner both students from Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar. Its a reduction of the machine to its essentials and of course colour orientated, pure Bauhaus style!.