Yellow Mountain Adventure

Yesterday I hiked up Yellow Mountain to ride fresh powder and experience some Coloradian backcountry. Our guide Antoine has his incredible playground right in his backgarden and he showed us a safe way up and down Magnolia.
This pic was taken pretty much at the beginning of the trip equipped with transceiver and the lot. The Finisterre Bise Vest proofed to be the best bit of clothing I took to Colorado. It is super light but at the same time nice and insulating. Nice is also that it is made out of recycled weatherproof polyester.

This is 3780 meters up. Sadly one of the boys started feeling altitude sickness and didn'at make it to the very top. But the view was still spectacular!

Half way down...

Than the trees came...

Down at the bottom we had to hike back to the road.



As the resort lost all its good powder by now I hired some skis. My first go at them since over 12 years and after a few giggles I think I managed all right on them. According to my sister a funny sight though.  

Mad Table Cloth

Went to eat at a Mexican place tonight which was packed to the max but we managed to squeeze on the staff kitchen table where they had this crazy cloth. 

Funky Graphics

Had a look at a few decks today. Really like what's going on with the colourful graphics and funky characters. 


Great Run

It hasn't snowed for a couple of days now but I found this great, pretty much untouched run today. 





Tidy Vegetables Shelf

Seen them down the route. Think they look pretty cool! 


Telluride Powder

I along with my some of my family arrived in Colorado a few days ago. With us a dump of tons of fresh powder. Just how we like it! 



The ispo fair in Munich is the world biggest sports/style trait fair and was full of cool new stuff and lots of parties. 
Here are some off the highlights...

Pyua means pure and the German based fashion label presented a stylish collection with only recycled material. The founders are two ex-ski stars and there mission is to leave the smallest possible negative footprint on our planet. 

Roxy showed less ecological awerness but presented a sweet looking onesuiter and a pair of lovely dotty skis. 

The high fashion label Bogner presented a colourful selection of outfits and skis. The Munich based firm also showed a stunning film presenting their new collection. 

The French based company Boheme produces beautiful handcrafted skis and boards. They claim 37 hours are required to make one pair of skis
Helt-pro had some really cool headgear. The boys had a half beanie half helmet construction. They integrated a ABS-hard shell and lightweight PUR-foam cushioning into a woollen beanie. The helt-pro is a fantastic medium between a annoying helmet and a not so protective beanie. 

Les ettes is by far my favourite perfume and made my some lovely girls who also had a simple but lovely looking stand. 

acg by Nike had a little bit of a re-branding and I think their new logo looks so much fresher and better. Well anyway they got a jacket, that changes colour when it gets under 7 degree. It looked pretty cool when the lady showed me the effect with an ice-spray. They also got a new jacket out called considered, which is a cleverly designed high tech snow jacket. It looks super simple from the outside but is technical on the inside. The pattern is designed so that no waist is created. Good job! 

I absolutely  loved Oakleys uniquely movie and I am equally impressed with that stylish purple jacket/coat. At last something, which keeps the bum dry when riding.  

I can't remember who made this really cool pink suit but I think it is pretty cool. 

Ripcurl extended there last years planet collection with lots of very colourful outfits. All made out of P.E.T Bottles. 
Rosignol is producing mountain ware since 1907 and had a stylish street art like stand for all their skis and boards. They also won a price fore their innovative magnestick backprotector for children. The magnet on the back prevents the falling off the skilift. 

Salomon showed some gorgeous skiis and also a cool looking ski suit among lots of other cool stuff. 

Spacejunk, a European platform for street art and board culture had some wicked graphic and illustrations on skis, fabric and canvas. In collaboration with Rossignol they presented the seven artist sins project which is pretty cool. 

Sympatex, had a very impressive and informative stand and I liked all their graphics. They had great display boards indicating how their technology mimics nature and how it functions. 

Last but not least the coolest things was the  big min-ramp that Volcom put up under the theme Red Neck Ramp Age. I had a go at it and it was great fun to ride!