Ride on

I took those shots a few days ago. Its my littel sister Rosina, yeah! Ride on. check out mojo park at Blomberg, Bavaria, Bermany.


Red Dot on Tour

I am in Vienna at the moment and I went to see the Red Dot design exhibition where they presented : communication design at its best & red dot: design agency of the year: Strichpunkt - "High Voltage Design"

Strichpunkt is the first agency to win the award. My personal favourite of the exhibition was The Summit book designed by Strichpunkt. It is a great little diary with the focus of communication on hart beat moments. The book captures the users personal highlights of the year with a summit record at the end of the book.

The calendar was designed to promote the PhoniXmotion paper from Papierfabrik Scheufelen in 2005. The book helps the user on every step of their path to their personal summit. Day bay day. Beat by beat. The first part of the book is divided into four chapters - preparation, ascent, set-back and attack on the summit illustrated with sweet little graphics and pictures. The second part- the calendar proper.

The book comes with cool stickers and a mood barometer for each day too and I really want one!


Telluride Skate

Telluride has got an amazing skatepark! Partly covered with a wooden roof, the rest was covered in deep snow but you could just about make out a set off steps and rails in there.