Red Dot on Tour

I am in Vienna at the moment and I went to see the Red Dot design exhibition where they presented : communication design at its best & red dot: design agency of the year: Strichpunkt - "High Voltage Design"

Strichpunkt is the first agency to win the award. My personal favourite of the exhibition was The Summit book designed by Strichpunkt. It is a great little diary with the focus of communication on hart beat moments. The book captures the users personal highlights of the year with a summit record at the end of the book.

The calendar was designed to promote the PhoniXmotion paper from Papierfabrik Scheufelen in 2005. The book helps the user on every step of their path to their personal summit. Day bay day. Beat by beat. The first part of the book is divided into four chapters - preparation, ascent, set-back and attack on the summit illustrated with sweet little graphics and pictures. The second part- the calendar proper.

The book comes with cool stickers and a mood barometer for each day too and I really want one!


Jonah Moriarty said...

No doubt that Strichpunkt's book is interesting and cute- but the fact that it is based on 'heart moments' is far from the culture mindset of the two owners of Strichpunkt, Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Radeker.

In fact, until recently, just after the Red Dot award in December '08, there were three owners atr Strichpunkt. The third was Felix Widmaier.

He was with the firm in the start-up days and went for 12 years.

However when it came to Red Dot, the award for Design Agency of the Year (Strichpunkt), it appears that Felix Widmaier was simply pushed aside from the stage, the limelight and the credits by Jochen Radeker and Kirsten Dietz.

Felix Widmaier departed from the firm within weeks of the selfish and cheap grab for the light.

No, I'm not Felix Widmaier. I never even met the man. I'm just a past victim of Strichpunkt Design.

Back in those startup days I actually financed Strichpunkt's start-up without knowing it- or giving permission.

This is a design firm to be careful of. They boast 60 full time employees but never list the 'team' on their website...

They pretend to be annual award winners, but several of their calendars are repeat award submissions, just another year at another location. And they claim to be an international design firm- but with a closer look, they mostly provide smoke and mirrors.

What they appear to be good at is designing annual reports- but anyone with a little design sense can take todays corporate annual reports and make them look trendy- after all, they can only be improved.

So, Strichpunkt Design, Stuttgart Germany being 'High Voltage'? Perhaps, but be careful that you don't get burned.

Jonah Moriarty
South Beach News
Miami Beach, Florida

Profile said...

Hey Jonah thank you for your toughed on Stichpunkt. I am sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with the Design Agency. It’s a shame that they don’t seam as sound as their work. Still like the book though.

Jonah 'Walter' said...

Hi Schnick-

I agree, it is a shame. I can't comment on the book as I've never seen it.

From the time of the last post until today, it appears that Strichpunkt Design has changed the claimed number of full-time employees from 60 down to 40.

However I still challenge Strichpunkt. If the number of employees REALLY is 40, I challenge them to post their staff names and positions on their website. At worst those employees will get some credit. But that won't happen, they don't exist!

So why should that matter? It's just a sample of the lies and the manner that Strichpunkt Design, Jochen Radeker and Kirsten Dietz represent themselves. Always false.

It seems to me that a company that earns most of its money from designing corporate annual reports should have a better track record in terms of what they claim to be true and correct.

Again, stockholders depend on annual reports being prepared by honest people at an honest firm.

I'm just saying.....

Jonah Moriarty - Publisher said...

Strichpunkt Employee Update:
Jochen Raedeker Art Directors Club
Kirsten Dietz

As you may have seen in my prior post Strichpunkt Design was lying to the public by stating that it had 60 employees- projecting a BIG small firm- when it was untrue.

As a result of that post Strichpunkt started to change their press release material- saying that they had 40 Full time employees- however the firm still refused to list those employees on its website.

I challenged Strichpunkt to name them and give them credit at the same time. Why not gove the kids credit?

Update: Last month (November, 2010) with Strichpunkt's Blog- finally, after being online for 15 years- Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Raedeker posted names and pictures of the Strichpunkt team. BUT....... there are ONLY 20 staffers listed.

The question remains; Where are the OTHER 20-40 employess that Strichpunkt claimed to have had?
Or were those reportes 'false' smoke and mirrors as is most things that Jochen Raedeker touches?

What is the answer Strichpunkt? 20 or 40 or 60 employees?