BMX Worlds 2009 In Cologne (Köln)

I just got back from the BMX Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Jamie Bestwick, Mark Webb, Daniel Dhers, Anthony Napolitan, Ben Wallace, Ryan Nyquist…the BMX world elite was there! Unfortunately the rain hit the programme hard and some of the comps could not be held but it was still a spectacular event.
Dirt, Vert, Miniramp, Park and Flatland competition where held with I think over 300 register riders and I have seen a lot of sick stuff. Highlights where the pro spine miniramp contest where 14 year old Bred Nananawitcz managed to gain himself the silver medal before Mark Webb! The dirt jump comp was amazing too, obviously! Anthony Napolitan went super huge and technical and is the new world champion. Also seeing the original Haro Freestyle Team (Ron Wilkerson, Bryan Blytheer, Dave Nourie and Mike Domingues) perform there old school stunts was pretty moving. More info to the event here.

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