Rising Star

10 year old Marwa on the opening speech for a big day of Skateistan history. She is one of the most progressive skater chicks in Kabul by the way.


Open Day

Today was a day for anyone and everybody to come to the skatepark and check out the park, the classrooms and to look a this "new" activity called skateboarding. Ahmad, a 21 old afghan, a great teacher and good cook sang the Koran whereas General Aghbar, head of the Afghan Olympic Comitee gave a impressive speech. The place was busy and I had all sorts of things on my plate and sadly only managed to get a picture towards the end of the day, still a good indicator on what the park looks like. 


Salang Pass

The Salang pass (el. 3878) is a two and 1/2 hrs drive away from Kabul and is an important connection between the capital city and the north of Afghanistan. It is an incredible road and crosses the Hindu Kush mountain range, picked with uncountable sharp S-bends and beautiful corners.



No need to say more!



Somewhere in Kart-e-Char. Filling up petrol is a great pleasure and comes with a good old fashioned service. The boys always will the car up for you its very handy on cold days.


Snowboarding Afghanistan

Backcounry snowboarding in Afghanistan is an incredible experince. Stunning landscape and great snow framed a beautiful adventure. 



Those guys where hanging around at the Sultan Mohammed Telai (a ruin of a once beautiful graveyard) The holes in the building are bullet marks.


Desert in the City

The backside of the Marajan hill (1850m). A mother walking up with here son. Really like the simple landscape.


A cup of Chai

This guy sells his chai in Shar-e-now park everyday.


Kabul Zoo

Kabul City has got a Zoo. One Lion, a few brown and black bears, one pig, a goat and a hand full of different birds. Apart from the animals there is a really cool pirate swing. You know the once you get in Funparks! I never went as high on them anywhere in Europe! The boys standing in the middle took advantage of aviation and kept on jumping right on the highest point. They had impressive air time!


Pigeon Mosque

This mosque is stunningly beautiful! For 10 afghani you can buy all sorts of different corns to feed the pigeons. I don't really like pigeons but I must admit, I was rather impressed by the variety of corn they have on their menu.


Henna Girls

Henna is Traditionally used here to decorate the brides hands before her big wedding day. It is also a huge fashion accessory and almost every girl has Henna on her fingers or hand. I had it done to me a few times too my now. A friend is an expert in Henna Art and she is able to wipe up beautiful flower deco in no time.  It comes in a cone like plastic bag and she warms it up in hot water. 

Nail polish is also huge it seams. At one time there must have been a donation of a whole lot of peach colored nail polish bottles. I have seen so many street kids with the exact same colored finger nails. Including the boys by the way!