Lady on a bike

I have seen so many great decorated bikes in Kabul. This young lady was glued on a bike that was parked in the basement of a shopping center and I finally managed to get a shot. Don't miss the Toshiba flags on the side!


Adventures of a german public bus in Kabul

Ok, I had to post this because it is so funky!  How dose a brand new German public transport bus gets on the roads of Afghanistan capital of Kabul? RVO stand for Regional Verkehr Oberbayern which means as much as that the bus belongs or lets say used to belong to the public transport system of Bavaria. The province where I am from, I used to take those buses every morning to go to school.  Check out the number plate! Classic! I would love to know the story behind that bus. How did it get there?

Kabuls New Shopping Center

Gulbahar Center in downtown Kabul opened its doors not long ago, luxury, glitter, cappuccino, elevator and even a underground car park. It was rather empty when i went there but apparently its the hang out spot for the "cool" kids.


Skateistan Volunter

Kabul is an interesting and vibrant place full of binary opposites and uncertainties, still, I enjoy being here. As a woman I have to make several sacrifices that do make my life sometimes hard and I cannot live as free as back home, but on the other side I like the challenge of living a different lifestyle once in a while. Being here pushed my boundaries enormously and I never thought I would learn so much in such a short period. Seeing that our work improves the lives of young girls and boys is highly rewarding and I recently returned for another three months to be involved with this inspiring project. Read more about my Skateistan Volunteer Testimony on www.skateistan.org


Elissa Steamer Paradise Part

Inspirational skateboarding!


Cape Farewell Expedition

This Cape Farewell Expedition is pretty special! A boat full of scientists, artist, musicians on an arctic mission. Amazing work. Much more on their website.


Longbaord Love in the Rain

So whilst I am working my ass of and really want to go out and skate, my friend fee on the opposite side of the globe is enjoying her day of with a pink girlie umbrella and a Huegelherzblut longboard in the rain.


It's a small world: Cultural Skateboard Exchange

Check out the cultural exchange project between skateboarders in
Afghanistan and Peru. I think videos and other modern communication strategies are strong tools for cultural exchange. They give youth a voice and provide them with tools they need in order to express their ideas and hopes for being the new leaders of the future.  


Education of the Future! I love how the internet connects people

Connecting Afghan youth with the rest of the world: the sharing perspectives exchange project with the name small world between Skateistan students and youth in countries around the world is picking up momentum. Recent activities include video exchanges with girl skaters in Peru and blog exchanges with schools in Australia and the US. The Sharing Perspectives project began this past spring, and will hopefully continue indefinitely. Using multimedia and the internet as tools students and young people worldwide get a chance to learn about each other and their countries.


The Fellowship of the Bearing

After being gutted about missing the previous screenings of the colabo colaboration I finally manged to watch the Fellowhip of the Bearing last night. A great Berlin Longbaordshop (www.lassrollen.de)  organised the screening in a nearby nightclub with a fantastic sound system.

Great quality, awesome video! The hole thing is shot in HD and it is full of beautiful scenes. Especially loved the shots trough the ice/snowy roads at the beginning. Among all the downhill speed boarding it also got a short bit of sliding in it. Think the sliding footage is from Danger Bay 08 and it is pretty fast!



Whohooooo I just received an amazingly colorful package from Finisterre in the UK.

I like people who have a passion for what they do. Finisterre passion is to create the best technical apparel with minimal negative environmental impact. The enthusiastic design team creates garments that are not only technical advanced and eco friendly but they also look stunningly beautiful. I love bright colors and the content of the package this morning made me smile.

THANK YOU Finisterre!!!!!

Check out their website to get your own piece of goodness. Read their philosophy – its inspiring


Beton on Fire, a longboarders experince.

Benjamin Malherbe from SA, one of the longboarders talking about the GNAR and the feeling of riding a bob track. To read about his experienced Check out the Flexfit blog.


Longboarding Bobtrack: Beton on Fire in the German News


Beton on Fire is a bobtrack downhill skateboard event, which was held for the first time at the Altenberg bobtrack in Germany this year. This is a clip of the German News that covered the event.


Skateboarding a Bobtrack: Beton on Fire

Altenberg's demanding Bob Track in Germany was the choice of venue for a Worlds First Event in Downhill Skateboarding.

Beton on Fire; where inliners battel for their fastest run down a bob track where this year joined by downhill skateboarders. 11 Longboarders from five different nations took an the challenge of their life by skateboarding a track originally build for the Winter Olympics disciplines in bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. 

The re-appearing rain kept the Fire on the beton small for the Longboarders shortening the original 4 day training sessions in half and the riders launched themselves of from a lower start than original planned due to the damp course. Nevertheless there where still enough corners and speed to entertain the hyped visitors and the riders had a great time as well.
The following Longbaorders took part in the Event:

Danny Strasser (GER)
Fee Bücheler (GER)
Hartmut Hack Olpp (GER)
Sophie Friedel (GER)
Martin Siegrist (SUI)
Samy Cantieni (SUI)
Yvon Labarthe (SUI)
Ramon Königshausen (SUI)
Patrick Switzer (CDN)
Benjamin Malherbe (RSA)
Manuel Ruiz (FRA)

Due to the rain the Longboard completion was held more like a freeride but thanks to the fantastic recording facility at the track, all runs hade been timed and video recorded. Patrick Schwitzer from Canada taking first place followed by Ramon Königshausen from Switzerland in 2nd place and Manuel Ruiz from France in 3rd place. 

Riding a bob track with a Longboard creates a feeling non comparable to any type of skateboarding. It is scary at first but once you overcome your fear you are rewarded with an explosion of ecstatic amazingnes at the end of your run. 

I left Altenberg with a big smile on my face and hope to do it all over again.

A big thank you for making the event possible goes to Philip Auerswald and Danny Strasser. Also to Fee und Hack from the Layback Shop in Freiburg for their RAD support as well as all the other riders for an amazing time.


Secrete Place

Secrete Places are great. I have several of them. I used them to reflect, to change and to just be. My place is changing, right now the place is turning from moss green to autumn red.


Beton on Fire

Skateboarding a bob track is fast and feels crazy. The two first training days have just past and the feeling is different to anything else I ever skated. Once you overcome you fear it is the greatest reward imaginable. Here is a promo video, new footage of this years event will follow.



Basquiat in Basel

Today I finally manage to go and see the Basquiat exhibition in Basel. On the occasion of his fiftieth birthday, the Fondation Beyeler is devoting the first large exhibition ever held in Europe to this outstanding American draftsman and painter. Comprising over 100 works, it traces Basquiat’s unique artistic development and reflects his place in art history. Conceived as a retrospective, the exhibition also enables a rediscovery and re-evaluation of one of the most fascinating personalities in the history of recent art. It was amazing. The location is beautiful and the work is just unbelievable. The exhibition is on until the 5.Sep.2010 and worth a look. 

European Skateboard Championship 2010

10 Years of Skateboard History combined in one long weekend. Fantastic skateboarding, good people, great party and lots and lots of fun. Watch the Sunday Video. 


Into the Wild

10 days skate, 10 days white shark, 10 days cool crew, 10 days no shower, 9 days sun 1 day rain, Germany, UK, Belgium, France Germany


To Live and Skate Kabul

Grain Media came out to Kabul to visit us in January 2010 and  capture the live of a few local skaters and asked them about their daily routine as well as hopes for the future of Afghanistan.

Art Basel 2010

By now Basel has been the home of the worlds premier international art show for Contemporary and Modern art since 41 years and is holding his place on the top of the art market.  At last nights Vernissage the global art world gathered in the Messe Basel and it was just as spectacular to watch the visitors than it was to admire the art. Especially after several month in Kabul!

With nearly 300 galleries exhibiting the worlds highest ranking paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, photographs and drawings from more than 2500 international artist  there is a lot of art to go trough. A few pieces stood out and among them the translucent tube pathway "Ikurrina Quarter" Sculpture by Sergio Prego. Several pneumatic membranes are joined together to form a tube like tunnel, inviting the visitor to walk trough and experience a transit like space. 


Intercultural Exchange between Switzerland and Afghanistan

SKATE TO KABUL is a Swiss awareness campaign of used equipment in favor of the Afghan Skateistan school.

The event allows Swiss children and youth to make an active contribution to the aid project in Afghanistan by helping their peers with equipment as well as contact over email and other communication tools.

With an identification nr on the equipment can children get in contact with an afghan child in the Skateistan School that will receive the donated material and build upon an international cultural exchange between Switzerland and Afghanistan. 
Support your skate colleagues in Afghanistan and donate equipment or come and take part in the Go Skateboarding Day event in Basel, Switzerland. 

Fore more info check out the website or join facebook:


Paper Skateboard Project

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Sweet littel video project with animated paper skateboarder and other things. 


Smile at your sister

Dani Bily, art director and founder of smile at your sister, asked me a couple of questions on my impressions from my stay in kabul. the interview can be read here.

Plureality Graffiti

More street art amongst Kabul.  

Empty Village

150km outside of Kabul, towards the Hindu Kush mountain range lays the Panjshir Valley. A stunningly beautiful landscape and home to the largest concentration of Tajiks. The recent conflicts ruined villages along the river and people started to move to the close by capital city leaving the area empty and isolated. 


Afghanistan is home for three millions Kuchis, at least 60% still remaining fully nomadic. Most of them keep goats and sheep and the produce of the animals is exchanged or sold in order to purchase vegetables and other products of a sutlers life. Trough the agent art of Kuchi trading an extensive network of exchange has developed along the main rotes trough Afghanistan.

The Afghan nomads used to move annually from the Afghanistan mountains to the valley of the Indus and hence deep into Inida. These long-distance migrations were stopped in the early 1960 when the boarder with Afghanistan and Pakistan were closed. In the recent times of conflict and natural disasters such as flood and drought over 100.000 nomads have been displaced and are housing in refugee camps.

They travel by foot, horse, donkey or camel although colorful trucks now often being used to transport livestock and family from A to B.


The old city

The oldest party of Kabul is about 3.500 years old and was mainly ruined over the recent years of conflict. Now, the Scotland based NGO "Turquoise Mountain Foundation" rebuilds homes, puts infrastructure in place and preserves historic buildings.


Two birds on a bike

During my time in Kabul, I have seen a variety of things being transported on motor bikes. Toilet bowls, piping, death sheep, women in burka and several children, huge sacks of rubbish, plastic garden chairs for transporting passengers and and and. Sadly I often don't get my camera out fast enough but yesterday I managed to captures those two birds. The white one was still alive and kept on trying to escape.


Afghan Football

The other day Afghan National Army played a football match against Kabul Bank in the Ghazi Stadium, Kabul. Many spectators lined the stadium with a big crowed supporting the ANA. At the end of the match Kabul Bank was leading with a 2:0 victory. 


Snowboarding Afghanistan nr. 3

The winter season in the Salang Mountain Range is nearing towards its end and the summer is coming closer and closer. Nevertheless the snow is superb for touring at the moment. Still quite crispy soft underneath. Great to build jumps as well. 

Kabul from Above

A early morning glimpse of the capital city of Afghanistan. Two guys from Grain media are currently visiting us and it was bloody cold but stunning this morning.

Girls are sweet but never trust them!

Another bit of Afghan street art in Kabul. Would say this works vise versa.


Just an ordinary vegetable seller on a Thursday evening.

Mine Clearance in Afghanistan

Walking of the path is super sketchy in most rural areas in Afghanistan. The NGO HALO Trust is as far as I know the second biggest employee in the country and is working hard to remove the land-minds scattered around the countryside. The two lines going up, marked with white stones, indicate the clear pathway in the middle, the rest is uncleared terrain.  


Afghanistan – the new skiing destination

Afghanistan is not an obvious tourist draw. But it's hoped that a snowy valley may 
change that. Here a link to an article in the Guardian about my friend Ken, skiing 
in Bamiyan. The place where the Buddhas once stood. Here is a french NGO who trains locals as avalanche guides and skiing instructors by the way.In future they plan to publish an Afghan skiing guide. Hell yeah!

Rough Terrain

Rocks and cliff faces lining the roads in the province of Bamyian and they are sparkling in all shades of read. The pictures does not to the color rianbow any justice yet it is still worth to share.  The county, which lays in the middle of Afghanistan used to be part of the famous silk road. Traders from the Roman Empire, China, Central and South Asia traveled the rough roads centuries ago; packed with donkeys, camels and horses. 

T.V Dishes

Bamiyan Valley is stunningly beautiful and it feels like a time travel, going back in years, if not even centuries when watching farmers working on their fields with ox and hand made machinery. Jet on the other hand houses have TV dishes that intrude the idyllic illusion of having traveled in time.

Sandstone Cliff Faces

A magical sunset in Afghanistan.

Two magnificently big holes carved into the cliff face

Once upon a time Bamiyan was the protector and capital of Buddhism of the entire Asian region for many years. Build in 507 B.C the ex-statues where a landmark for Buddhism all over the world and destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. Thousands of Buddhist monks once lived in the caves and grottos, which are carved into the cliffs along the statues. 

Than the caves were home to thousands of Hazara refugees who had fled Kabul. Today foreign NGOs have asked the refugees who lived close to the statues to move into camps or provided them other accommodations in order to protect the caves from destruction.


The view of the Buddhist

Sitting on a sketchy piece of scaffolding 165 feet high in the forma place of the head of the Buddha overlooking the beautiful Bamiyan Valley was quite a special moment!  This panorama is literally taken from the point of where the standing Buddha's eyes used to be located. Guys (you know who you are) sharing the little treats with you and being elevated by the magic surrounding us was special. Thank you!


Village in the Caves

Thousands of years ago Buddhists would meditating and search for silence in those ancient caves. Now since the Buddhas have gone and the area was overrun by violence and pain of war local villagers took over the caves and started making them to their own homes.