Darulaman Palace, Kabul

The Darulaman Palace was built in the 1920s by former King Amanullah Khan as part of his plan for social and political modernization. It originally was intended to house Afghanistan's first elected parliament but before that legislature could be created, Amanullah Khan was forced into exile by conservative Pashtun tribesmen who opposed his reforms.... 

The building was bombed out during the early 1990s by militia factions and vandalized in the late 1990s by the Taliban regime. Today the palace is heavily guarded and we somehow managed to sweet talk our way in, for a skate de extraordinary!                                                          both pictures by: Jakob Simkin 


Street Art - cost of war is high

Not much street art exist among the streets of Kabul but more and more images popping up across the city mostly related to the current terror and war. 
Bribes, guns, bullets, armored vehicles, media, helicopter, talib, civilian, NGO's, aid money,  sorrow, pain, excitement, noise, grieve, smell, tears,.... the cost of war is high. It is the London Conference Today. I wonder what the outcome might be.....

Head or Tail?

Orlando and Frank came today, two guys from Grain Media a film and video production company based in  the UK. The boys shooting a short documentary on Kabul and we showed them the Bush bazaar. On our walk trough we found those two heads for sale. Orlando took it as I forgot my camera at home.


Registration Closed

We are full! - sadly!!. Boys trying to jump the 200 people long waiting list to come to class. We have seen a few fake ID cards. This place is popular..


Skater Girl Interview

The lovely folks on SkaterGirl.co.uk doing great work on promoting girls skating in the UK and all a cross the world really. I like the website, go and check it out and they also have an interview up about Skateistan. 


Hearts of Hills

Check out my interview on hearts of hills, a blog from girls for girls who like to skate. The girls longboardig scene is growing and growing and growing. My friends started writing about their love to the board with four wheels and have a cool collection of girls adventures on longboards.



One of the girls on bibi maro hill (not sure about the spelling)  Stunning image! She is standing in the middle of a swimming pool which was build by the russians in the 70s.

Chit Chat

Talk amongst some neighbors on the bottom of T.V hill.


Barbed Wire

My friend Dorothea Nold took this picture and I somehow love it. Those short spikes are horrible but I find a bizarre beauty in those thin flexible metal treads.


The picture doesn't do it justice it was beautiful to watch the kite fight on Maranjan next to the Nadir Shah.



The morning of the first day in the new year.