Peace Day

Peace Day was pretty special today!



Sometimes the electricity supply works, other days it doesn't...

City Wall

This is the old city wall stretching over several kilometers. Walked up their today and we had a good old snowboard fight.

Jungle World Interview

The German weekly newspaper Jungle World asked a few questions about girls skateboarding in Kabul.  I just read it again and would now answer several questions different.  Nevertheless have a look at: "Skateboarding is here also a Girls Sport" on jungle-world.com 


Traffic Police

There are about 4 traffic lights in Kabul but non of them work. The traffic is normally regulated by police officers who are mostly standing in the middle of the street. Some roundabouts however have those very romantic umbrella-base-stations from where they regulate the traffic control. 


A long way

The art of throwing extended...


Into the Wild

Not much visibility but a good day out in the Afghan snow. 

Snow Sweepers

Road maintenance with sand and old school truck. 

Truck Decoration

Check out the effort that goes on!


Snow Fun

A snowfield high above Kabul. 



This is the door of a random Pharmacy in near the city center. Loving the Hoechst logo design!


TV Hill

Watching the sunrise at TV hill

Good Morning Kabul

6.00 am at TV Hill a girl crossing the street. 



The people who live here either use donkey or have to carry their water up those stairs and further to supply their homes with the daily amount of water. 



Like the gate, the wall and the text


Three boys



The swimming pool is quite a popular place for playing football during the winter month when there is no water inside. The boys where watched by this guy standing on top of the pool wall. 



This is just a random house but check out the insulation. A lot of people insulate their windows with that plastic. Only for the winter and it will all be taken down once the summer hits the city. 


Burka versus Mercedes

Two sisters walking to meet their friend for a cup of chai. The ladies are well over their 80's and had the most friendliest smile i've ever seen.



Capturing Kabul on 16 mm will surly produce a stunning outfit. The results can soon be watched at the Dazed and Confused webpage. 


Side Track

Its been a gray and cold day. Just a random street in the Karte-Seh part of Kabul. 


Life in the hills

No water, not much electricity and a lot of hiking.

Film Crew

Two guys from the Grain Production Crew, based in London filming the sunset from the top of Wazir Akbar Khan hill. In the back are the Pamir mountains, which Afghans refer to as the 'Roof of the World," extend into Tajikistan, China and Kashmir. Frank is shooting on 16mm film. Is going to lock stunning!