Afghanistan is home for three millions Kuchis, at least 60% still remaining fully nomadic. Most of them keep goats and sheep and the produce of the animals is exchanged or sold in order to purchase vegetables and other products of a sutlers life. Trough the agent art of Kuchi trading an extensive network of exchange has developed along the main rotes trough Afghanistan.

The Afghan nomads used to move annually from the Afghanistan mountains to the valley of the Indus and hence deep into Inida. These long-distance migrations were stopped in the early 1960 when the boarder with Afghanistan and Pakistan were closed. In the recent times of conflict and natural disasters such as flood and drought over 100.000 nomads have been displaced and are housing in refugee camps.

They travel by foot, horse, donkey or camel although colorful trucks now often being used to transport livestock and family from A to B.

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