To Live and Skate Kabul

Grain Media came out to Kabul to visit us in January 2010 and  capture the live of a few local skaters and asked them about their daily routine as well as hopes for the future of Afghanistan.

Art Basel 2010

By now Basel has been the home of the worlds premier international art show for Contemporary and Modern art since 41 years and is holding his place on the top of the art market.  At last nights Vernissage the global art world gathered in the Messe Basel and it was just as spectacular to watch the visitors than it was to admire the art. Especially after several month in Kabul!

With nearly 300 galleries exhibiting the worlds highest ranking paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, photographs and drawings from more than 2500 international artist  there is a lot of art to go trough. A few pieces stood out and among them the translucent tube pathway "Ikurrina Quarter" Sculpture by Sergio Prego. Several pneumatic membranes are joined together to form a tube like tunnel, inviting the visitor to walk trough and experience a transit like space. 


Intercultural Exchange between Switzerland and Afghanistan

SKATE TO KABUL is a Swiss awareness campaign of used equipment in favor of the Afghan Skateistan school.

The event allows Swiss children and youth to make an active contribution to the aid project in Afghanistan by helping their peers with equipment as well as contact over email and other communication tools.

With an identification nr on the equipment can children get in contact with an afghan child in the Skateistan School that will receive the donated material and build upon an international cultural exchange between Switzerland and Afghanistan. 
Support your skate colleagues in Afghanistan and donate equipment or come and take part in the Go Skateboarding Day event in Basel, Switzerland. 

Fore more info check out the website or join facebook:


Paper Skateboard Project

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Sweet littel video project with animated paper skateboarder and other things.