Skateboarding a Bobtrack: Beton on Fire

Altenberg's demanding Bob Track in Germany was the choice of venue for a Worlds First Event in Downhill Skateboarding.

Beton on Fire; where inliners battel for their fastest run down a bob track where this year joined by downhill skateboarders. 11 Longboarders from five different nations took an the challenge of their life by skateboarding a track originally build for the Winter Olympics disciplines in bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. 

The re-appearing rain kept the Fire on the beton small for the Longboarders shortening the original 4 day training sessions in half and the riders launched themselves of from a lower start than original planned due to the damp course. Nevertheless there where still enough corners and speed to entertain the hyped visitors and the riders had a great time as well.
The following Longbaorders took part in the Event:

Danny Strasser (GER)
Fee Bücheler (GER)
Hartmut Hack Olpp (GER)
Sophie Friedel (GER)
Martin Siegrist (SUI)
Samy Cantieni (SUI)
Yvon Labarthe (SUI)
Ramon Königshausen (SUI)
Patrick Switzer (CDN)
Benjamin Malherbe (RSA)
Manuel Ruiz (FRA)

Due to the rain the Longboard completion was held more like a freeride but thanks to the fantastic recording facility at the track, all runs hade been timed and video recorded. Patrick Schwitzer from Canada taking first place followed by Ramon Königshausen from Switzerland in 2nd place and Manuel Ruiz from France in 3rd place. 

Riding a bob track with a Longboard creates a feeling non comparable to any type of skateboarding. It is scary at first but once you overcome your fear you are rewarded with an explosion of ecstatic amazingnes at the end of your run. 

I left Altenberg with a big smile on my face and hope to do it all over again.

A big thank you for making the event possible goes to Philip Auerswald and Danny Strasser. Also to Fee und Hack from the Layback Shop in Freiburg for their RAD support as well as all the other riders for an amazing time.

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