Cape Farewell Expedition

This Cape Farewell Expedition is pretty special! A boat full of scientists, artist, musicians on an arctic mission. Amazing work. Much more on their website.


Longbaord Love in the Rain

So whilst I am working my ass of and really want to go out and skate, my friend fee on the opposite side of the globe is enjoying her day of with a pink girlie umbrella and a Huegelherzblut longboard in the rain.


It's a small world: Cultural Skateboard Exchange

Check out the cultural exchange project between skateboarders in
Afghanistan and Peru. I think videos and other modern communication strategies are strong tools for cultural exchange. They give youth a voice and provide them with tools they need in order to express their ideas and hopes for being the new leaders of the future.  


Education of the Future! I love how the internet connects people

Connecting Afghan youth with the rest of the world: the sharing perspectives exchange project with the name small world between Skateistan students and youth in countries around the world is picking up momentum. Recent activities include video exchanges with girl skaters in Peru and blog exchanges with schools in Australia and the US. The Sharing Perspectives project began this past spring, and will hopefully continue indefinitely. Using multimedia and the internet as tools students and young people worldwide get a chance to learn about each other and their countries.