Batt on the Wall

Right I arrived to Switzerland this morning for a three month adventure of skateboarding, writing and working. I was excited already and then, once the doors of my train opened at Wintertur Station the first thing I see is this: Fellow skater Christoph Batt on a massive poster.  I take this as a good sign!


A little short lasting skate paradise

...while it lasts... no jokes just skate! from ch3f on Vimeo.

Innsbruck has a little hidden secrete treasure. Its a place called ...while it lasts... coz it sadly doesn't last very long yet it's a pretty amazing spot, a spot full of character, passion and pure awesomeness. Last day to skate is this friday. find out more, including super-fantastic pictures on the ...whileitlasts... blog.  


Photo: Smile at your Sister
Cold Air Balloon Ride is a old post over at the excellent site of the girls from smile at your sister but the pictures are to beautiful to not to share.

Layback Shop back on the World Wide Web

Layback, the most defenalty coolest longboard shop for girls in the big wide world located in Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany has now got its website back on track. Find the shop, test a board, buy a board, go longboarding, its spriiiiiiing time.

Lets make better mistakes tomorrow

Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow from peepshow on Vimeo.


Innsbruck's Amazing Skate Paradise

Some wanted to impose a skateboarding ban on this beautiful space, some didn't. Architecture is there to be lived in and the space is so much more alive with all the happy people. The happy people won. The place is open and want to be used. ;-)


Layback Says Hello 2011

Layback says "Hello 2011" from Layback Freiburg on Vimeo.

The snow is melting, the streets become dryer and dryer and its the time again to make the most of it. Layback Freiburg sorted out the footage from last year, including some New Zealand spots, THE BOBTRACK and of course, last bot not least, some spots in THE Blackforest.


Chixen Dance

We are on the road from Innsbruck to Sarajevo. Its a looooong ride, we have great music and stiff bones. Nothing is better in such situations than a crazy dance on a random car park somewhere between nowhere and Bosnia.