A bag of LOVE

Today I had a most delightful letter of love in my post box and I have the urge to tell you how amazing it was. I was waiting for this letter with anticipation since I knew it was posted and I could not believe how much love and care was put into compiling this "bag of wonders". The bag is filled with love and smiles in the shape of written, spoken, printed and sung wisdoms and from my point of few a truly original creative success.

Thank you so much you beautiful imaginative girls for the honor of being part of such a cool project.

You made me smile all day ;-)

For those of you who want one of those bag's to check out: SMILE AT YOUR SISTER. Even if you don't want a bag, check out their blog.


Kitchen Tree

At my friends house in Munich I found this beauty!


Austrian Longboarding Workshops

Huegelherzblut and Hackbrett in co-operation with the Rollbrett skate shop in Salzburg offer girls and boys longboard workshop's this coming Mai. If you want to learn how to freeride the beautiful Austrian mountains on your longbaord, improve your standup slides or even just for now push - carve - and stop so that you can carve your city streets this summer join us in Salzburg this coming Mai.


Spring Time - Longboard Time

The snow has melted, the roads are clear of those little annoying stones and the dandelion are coloring the spring landscape. Jipeeee its proper longboard time again and I am looking forward to all the planned girl's longboard workshops together with Huegelherzblut. Longboarding girl, longboarding girls, girls longboarding, longboarding, skateboard, girl jump, girl longboarding jump, girl longboarding kicker, longboarding rampe, a very long board, sexy girl, long board, skate board, longboarding, longboarding, longboarding girl, women longboarding, sophie longboarding, sophie friedel longboarding, sophie friedel longboarding, longboarding , nice longboarding picture, girls longboarding picture,  longboards for girls, pretty girl longboarding,


GRN Switzerland

Longboarding heaven Switzerland has not only amazing spots to ride but also the people who know how too. Check out the beautiful edit of Ramón Königshausen. Makes me wana go out and skate!