Home is where the heart is...

Wow what an amazing home. Thank you to my housemates of the last three months for a great experience. I am going to miss your spirit. Keep on rocking!


Gorilla: Teaching Kids Healty Eating and Freestyle Sports

                                                                                  All photos: Ramón Königshausens for Gorilla
Friday mornings I meet a bunch of gorillas and we are heading to schools all across Switzerland in a cool van with a big truck full of freestyle sport goodies. We share our experience, show the kids new moves and conduct seminars on healthy heating, sport, global development with the food industry and many more interesting things. The other day we had a long drive, including a sleep over as well as a train ride to head to the highest school in Switzerland, located in Pontresina. It was a good trip, cheers guys. Check out more on: gorilla.ch    


Happy Go Skateboarding Day


Skateistan, I still love it and can't get enough of it! the girls, boys and all the helping staff are already nearly done and over with this years go skateboarding day. A huge bulk of kids skated trough the city of Kabul before ending up at the skatepark where they hold a skate competition, with girls, boys and disabled categories. Disabled skater Bilal kicked ass by rocking the show and taking the title for the boys category. 


Layback Loving in Freiburg

Human Flowers

Human Flowers are digital images by Cecelia Webber. She create beautiful shapes to celebrating the beauty of the wonderful thing that she calls the body. They look so much like flowers but those flowers are actually human bodies! For more of here work, including human butterflies visit her website.

Gold Water

swimming fish at the fish farm near by.


Motivation theory: profit is no longer the carrot that makes us work

Typical motivation schemes act on the principle that the higher the intensive - the higher the motivation. Clever heads at the MIT testify that this only works as long as the task involved uses only mechanical skills. As soon as the task ask for "rudimentary cognitive skill" a larger reward let to pore performance. Complicate task that require cognitive or conceptual thinking need more than that! Nowadays people are more motivated by challenge, mastery and making a contribution as this pretty cool and inspiering animation of RSAnimate is worth a look.


Flowers in the Window

At my mums place not long ago.


Beton on Fire Skateboarding Bobtrack

Beton on Fire 2010 was with no doubt the most adrenalin filled experience I ever had. The rides where amazing and the runs exploited the most unbelievable feelings ever. I was scared at tims but riding a bobtrack is also super liberating. It might not be everybody's cup of tee but for sure worth a look. This year the event takes place at the very beginning of July and I sadly cant make it this time. Check out Ivon's & Ramon's video from last year's event here and the German news cut here. There are still a few places left for downhill longboarders!

Carving the Mountains

Juan Rayos recent uploaded Carving the Mountains, a sweet looking girlie longboarding video that spread like manic across the web and scored a high number of views in no time. The girls from Spain cruse and pose down a lovely looking slope with big smiles. They are also on FB, with the intention to build up a 'girls who love longboarding community'. Check out Longboard Girls Crew for more.

The eye candy movie portrays longboarding in a unique, not seen before way. What makes this clip go so viral? Is it Juan Rayos ability to capture aesthetic imagery? Is it the beauty of watching the girls carving the mountain? Is it the love and giggles the girls share? Is it the skin they show? Is it the accessibility the movie portrays? I am sure this is an inspiration for many to pick up a longboard and play.

Ladyachtz gone Europe

Ok during the Salzburg trip we took this rad shot of my mate Felix Druschel who just yesterday got the Landyachtz Europe page up running and is Landyachtz Europe's ambassador and dude behind the scene. I wish him a super good chick ass start.  


SPACE - about a dream

I guess one of my favorite places in Vienna is the Museumsplatz with all its exhibition space and from my point of view there is always at least one really, really great show up when I am there. This time the space exhibition was pretty special, displaying work of Daniel and Geo Fuchs, Charles and Ray Eames, Tom Sachs and many more.


Anarchy in Vienna

Roll and Roll in Vienna

Ok, we have been to Salzburg to ride and to give a couple of workshops.  In between we had lots of amazing sunshine, entertaining company and great local beer. Now in Vienna with the same plan, only that there aren't as many great hills as there where in Salzburg and that my workshop team members decided differently and no longer arrive in Vienna. So workshops are postponed and instead my sister had her first pushes and turns on a board.