My university has its lecture room high above Innsbruck. On days like today I need a lot of effort to go back inside.


Through My Eyes Project

Jake, my ex-housemate was always an inspiration to me and seeing his work randomly pop up in my world makes me remember his beautiful soul. Check out this fantastic article about a project of his in Afghanistan. He has many talents and one of them is to make children smile. He creates spaces for children to share their stories by teaching then how to use cameras but click here read for yourself.


Not Tobi but skate was our theme for the last week. Three girls skating Switzerland, Austria and Germany, finding secrete spots, great spots, deep spots, gnarly spots, steep spots, sweet spots and spots to fall in love with. It has been an adventure. Thank you girls.

Maryhill 2011

Yvon Labarthe did it again. Beautiful images of a great road, people and on top that captured rad racing and a good soundtrack as well as edit. All together a must watch.


Nearly my Dream Home

The most RAD idea of a house. Sole technology boss Pierre-Andre Senizergues and his architect friend Francois Perrin make a big dream come possible. The PAS House is a glimpse into the future that shows what powerful influence skateboarding can have on a dwelling place. Not only the walls but also the furniture are skateable! The house is the first house to be designed entirely for skateboarding and dwelling, with wall and ceilings for a continuous surface that creates a dynamic and fluid experience. I love it.

Beton on Fire 2011 Pics

                                                                       Rider: "Hack" - Hartmut Olpp 
                                                        Rider: "Rollerman"- Jean-Yves Blondeau
                                                                   Rider: "Alfred" - Dennis Wangler
Alexandra Pauli uploaded some incredible images of this years Beton on Fire, the event where athletes take Altenbergs Bobtrack as a pipe for downhill skateboarding. Fore more pictures click here or visit her homepage.


Skateboarding as a Catalyst for Change in War-Torn Afghanistan

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

PBS NewsHour screening Skateistan.

Skateistan in Paris

In case you are in Paris, come to the Cosanostra Skatepark tomorrow. My friend Simon will be there telling you all about Skateistan,  there will be a exhibition of Skateistan pictures from Afghanistan and also the french screening of "Skateistan the movie". Not to forget a skate session as well as bbq and music. Two days ago Simon was at Canal Qoquelicot to explain what it is all about. Here you can find his interview.