Greener Pastures: Contemporary Longboarding

The future of longboarding looks something like that: great riders, incredible styles, fantastic images, beautiful landscapes and steep-long-sick roads or you could say Greener Pastures. Well, nearly. I would say  should get a female rider on board too and than its super perfect! Nevertheless Greener Pastures placed longboarding media on a new level when it comes to portraying the longboarding community. Watch the promo video with Switzer, Koenigshausen and Co.  and follow their progression here.


Bobtrack Downhill 2011

Beton on Fire is the worlds first event that celebrates the downhill ride with a longboard down a bobtrack. Bobtrack-Downhill was first introduced by inline speedboarders in 1996. Only since 2010 and due to great work pioneer by Danny Strasser are longboarders official permitted to take part in such rides.  Last year I had the pleasure to be invited to this incredible and unique experience. Sadly this time around I could not attend but watch the video footage, that I now like to share with you.  Have a look at Max Stamlers ride on the video above. Also for those German speakers amongst you, do you wan't to know what it feels like to ride a bobtrack on a skateboard? Hacks blog write up can be found here and is well worth your time. Visit the Beton on Fire homepage here.