The Hate Distroyer

This lady reserves some real respect punkt!  Irmela Mensah-Schram, born in Germany in 1945 is now a  pensionist and has been removing swastikas graffiti, National Socialists stickers and other discriminating messages from walls, bus stops, street signs and other places arround Europe for 25 years.


Vienna Longboard Session

Today we had a little photo session with the talented image capture lady Nicole Fleck. We had a fun afternoon playing at a couple of different spots in the city of Vienna. Before arriving here I had the impression, that Vienna is to flat to find good spots to skate. Nicole knew better and after a little climb and hike we found this awesome tunnel/river spot.

5 more minutes please

"5 more minutes...please?! - TRAILER from Lipstick Productions on Vimeo.

the music, the colors, the pictures,  the skills, the riders and everything else make me want to see the whole thing right now. Movie Premiere in October. For example on the 21st October in Innsbruck, at the Weekender Club.Yipeeee


Vote for Peace & Sport Image of the Year

Please help Skateistan to win the Peace and Sport image of the year for its efforts during the International Go Skateboarding Day in Afghanistan. To vote click here and follow the link to peace-sport.org.

The aim of the award is to promote sustainable peace through sport - together. In order to be inspired to vote I recommend you to check out the rad video of the actual event here. 

Go Skateboarding Day, Kabul 2011 from Skateistan on Vimeo.


Changing Education Paradigms

Kids in boxes, batched produced into either the world of academics, or the world of the blue-collar worker. Cheating or Collaborating? And more about the germ poll of education in this great video of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson. A creative and educational inspiration produced by the great folks at RSA Animate.

Love Is All Around in Vienna


Sugar bags have sweet old-school fonts and gorgeous girls give you little bags of chocolate wrapped in delightful napkins on Saturday night outings. -Love it-


Bolivias Law of Mohter Earth

Bolivia's first indigenous, and by some seen as controversial president Evo Morales is about to set the first law that grands rights to Mother Nature. I am not a great advocates of laws but this one sounds great. The Law of Mother Earth has as its foundation several of the tenets of indigenous belief, including that human are equal to all other entities.  The legislation is hoped to give the government new legal powers to monitor and control industry in the country in favor to the environment. For more read pvpulse.com


Women in Boardsports 2011

Since a couple of years now a bunch of great ladies organize the annual "Women in Boardsports" retreat in Saas Fee, Switzerland. The event takes place from the 29th of September - 2nd of October 2011 and is a melting pot of females in the board sport industry.  "Women in Boardsports" is a place of exchange, networking learning and sharing in a beautiful alpine spar environment. Key note speaker from this year is Deb Friedman - Action Sports Global Brand Manager from Nike 6.0 and Cori Schumacher -Womens World Surf Longboard Champion to mention a few. Apart from great talks there will be panel discussions of professional snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers. Workshops let by Life Coaches, Sports Psychologist and Business School Professors. Swiss Cheese Fondue and not to forget a Skateistan presentation and fundraiser event.


Longboard Workshop: Flaying High in Vienna

                                        Longboarding girls along the river Danube, Vienna
                                                  Vienna's famous amusement park  "Prater"

Warm sunshine, 17 bubbling Ladies on their boards and 1 dog marked the pathway along the river Danube yesterday afternoon. We enjoying the golden autumn light, the company and along the way learned some cool stuff on the board. Girls it was a pleasure to meet you and share some of the longboard love with you. Thank you for the 95-meter high ride at the Prater Tower, it was a super special to see your city from above. Keep on the high spirit and keep on longboarding.Thank you also to Huegelherzblut, Sixxa, Les Ettes and Smile at your Sister for the goodies. 

p.s go to Dannie's Smile at your Sister's blog entry: LADIES LONGBOARD WORKSHOP WITH FEE & SOPHIE for more pictures and words.


I love this one. Its in a castle in Kitzbuehl, Austria. 


Street Culture Exhibition in Berlin

                                                               Photo Exhibition, photo: Skateistan
                                                                                                 Artwork, photo: Skateistan

Photos, art and music framed this weekends "Street Cultures: The Power to Create Cross - Cultural Bridges" exhibition about Skateistan, Tiny Toones & Tiny Drops. Come and see for yourself, the show is open until the 17. September. More info see follow here.


Vienna Ladies Longboard Worskhop

Hello ladies, we are hosting a girly Longboard cruising session at the beautiful Donau Insel in Vienna. We will go trough some basic stuff such as getting some feeling for the board, improving foot breaks and corner techniques. Bring a box of joy, some giggles and your board as well as pads. Meeting on the 13.09 at 17:00 at the Donau Insel U2 train station.


STREET CULTURES: The power to create cross-cultural bridges

 Street cultures such as skateboarding, street art and breakdancing have an intriguing potential to bring people from different social and cultural backgrounds together. They act as a bride to cross  social barriers and cultural differences, thus facilitate exchanges and cooperation on a global scale.

As part of the cultural program of this yeas Asia - Pacific Week in Berlin an exhibition and interactive program on the Empowerment and Intercultural Dialog of Street Cultures is presented. The Program includes a Skateistan photo exhibition in the Hatch Sticker Museum as well as a exhibit of a Hip Hop School in Cambodia & India.  

Opportunity to extend the Street Cultures network are plenty during the hosted gatherings, including a  conference on Youth Cultures Development Projects in Conflict Regions as well as musical pleasures for the soul, heart and ears. 

Happening in Berlin, Germany from 6. -17. September 2011. For more information check out: From Here To Fame and Revolution Art Magazine.

Das Herz der Revolution ist die Revolution der Herzen

My friend Joshi from Vienna came up with this sentence and I have to share it: "The heart of the revolution is the revolution of the hearts"