The Hate Distroyer

This lady reserves some real respect punkt!  Irmela Mensah-Schram, born in Germany in 1945 is now a  pensionist and has been removing swastikas graffiti, National Socialists stickers and other discriminating messages from walls, bus stops, street signs and other places arround Europe for 25 years.

Her days work is filled with walking arround mainly Berlin with a spray can and cleaning products but not only that. She actively tries to involved the people spreading messages of hate across Berlins urban landscape with the intenton to get them thinking of what they are doing. She speaks to youth groups about tolerance, love and hate, animating them to stand up for their believes.

Before she removes the "evil messages" as she calls them, she documents the racist comments and carefully archives them in several folders. 

She is confronted with hateful emails and other things for removing the National Socialist comments and it  could be argued that she is over stepping the line by actively destroying other peoples hateful expressions about the difference of the other. She states that once she removed a NPD sticker of a Green party poster when a lady told here she should accept other peoples opinions. I also advocate for accepting other peoples opinions. However where is the line of accepting the other opinion without discriminating once own? This is up to every individual and she reserves respect for standing up.

"I cant tolerate that tolerance is misused through tolerance of intolerance" Mensah-Schram says whilst being a brave warrior of her mission to fight for intolerance and discrimination. The  65 year old spends about 300 Euro of her pension money towards cleaning product a months. 

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