Longboard Workshop: Flaying High in Vienna

                                        Longboarding girls along the river Danube, Vienna
                                                  Vienna's famous amusement park  "Prater"

Warm sunshine, 17 bubbling Ladies on their boards and 1 dog marked the pathway along the river Danube yesterday afternoon. We enjoying the golden autumn light, the company and along the way learned some cool stuff on the board. Girls it was a pleasure to meet you and share some of the longboard love with you. Thank you for the 95-meter high ride at the Prater Tower, it was a super special to see your city from above. Keep on the high spirit and keep on longboarding.Thank you also to Huegelherzblut, Sixxa, Les Ettes and Smile at your Sister for the goodies. 

p.s go to Dannie's Smile at your Sister's blog entry: LADIES LONGBOARD WORKSHOP WITH FEE & SOPHIE for more pictures and words.

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