STREET CULTURES: The power to create cross-cultural bridges

 Street cultures such as skateboarding, street art and breakdancing have an intriguing potential to bring people from different social and cultural backgrounds together. They act as a bride to cross  social barriers and cultural differences, thus facilitate exchanges and cooperation on a global scale.

As part of the cultural program of this yeas Asia - Pacific Week in Berlin an exhibition and interactive program on the Empowerment and Intercultural Dialog of Street Cultures is presented. The Program includes a Skateistan photo exhibition in the Hatch Sticker Museum as well as a exhibit of a Hip Hop School in Cambodia & India.  

Opportunity to extend the Street Cultures network are plenty during the hosted gatherings, including a  conference on Youth Cultures Development Projects in Conflict Regions as well as musical pleasures for the soul, heart and ears. 

Happening in Berlin, Germany from 6. -17. September 2011. For more information check out: From Here To Fame and Revolution Art Magazine.

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