Real Women Skate

Some Girls Play With Dolls. Real Women Skate. SOOO COOL! Love it! This was an active encouragement of female skaters in a 1988!! Powell-Peralta ad.


Morning Glory at Rossstein Summit

I like going up high to look at at the world from a different point of view! 


Gravity is Pink NOW online

Gravity is Pink is finally online. Check out the website [gravityispink.com] and keep on tuned in for skate clinics for girls and women, photos and updates on the female side of longboarding. Thanks to Christine for making it all work.


Women in Boardsports Retreat 2011

                       40 min Skateistan Presentation, photo: Stephen Knoop
 I had the pleasure to be a part of the best event for women in the boardsport scene ever! Carmela Fleury and Daniela Meyer are now in the 3rd year running have been organizing a 5day Women in Boardsports retreat. The event is devoted to support, educate and inspire women in the boardsports industry. I can say the event did all that plus it gave me a great wipe of fresh energy.  We meet 1800m high on the Swiss mountain in the sweet little village of Saas-Fee and  listened to great talks, spoke to fascinated like minded people, had tasty food and great fun. 


Cooler is into Longboarding too

Photo: Sam Weaver

Amanda Powell landed herself an interview in the latest Cooler issue. You can read the interview here or just enjoy the beautiful and inspirational image of Amanda doing a nose manual.


The Way Forward for Women Skateboarding

UK Skate legend, picture capture talent and pusher when it comes to female skateboarding Jenna Selby pulled together some thoughts on female skateboarding from the Women in Boardsports Retreat. It’s a collection on where female skateboarding is today and what can or need to be done. Change the attitude at grassroots, more awareness of riders and positive role models are key to bring women skateboarding forward. Not that those things are new but they are still relevant, even more today. ‘I know we can’t wait around for someone else to give us opportunities on a silver platter. We need to make the change happen ourselves’ Says Mimi Knoop read more for yourself on: CoolerMagazine.


Downhill Skate Afghanistan

On a free day in spring earlier this year, some crazy friends of mine; Merza Mohammadi, Oliver Percovich and Jake Simkin, three skateboarders in Afghanistan took one of the worlds most dangerous roads for a bombing session of nearly 20 kilometres of downhill skateboarding. Jalalabad
road is one of the dangerous in the world, not only due to the security conditions in Afghanistan but also due to its steep gradient, many hair pins and fast driving lorry's. You guys are nutters but i love you!