What does freedom mean for you? What is it in the first place?  Freedom is a rare thing and the way we find freedom rarely comes by the way of the forces we think creates it writes John Paul Lederach and I think he has a point. 


Today I like to share with you a fantastic platform I came across last week. Open IDEO is “where people design better, together”. It is a merge of all walks of life, allowing anyone to participate in challenging global issues such as community, environment and health. Its principles are; inclusive, community-centered, collaborative, optimistic and always in Beta. The online community has been running for a year now and is a sister company of the design & innovation firm IDEO. IDEO has become famous for among other thing its user centered design research methods and the skill set shines through on the vibrant and interactive platform. Open IDEO is beautifully designed, easy to interact with and a inspirational place to be. Watch the video to see how it works.


Push Culture News November

Check out the awesome PC News Desk of Push Cultures November Edition. A fantastic news coverage of the current vibrating longboard culture spreading the skate love from  Switzerland, Spain, US and more across the globe.


Lamono November Issue

Just before this year's Bright show in Berlin I met the creative Lamono Girls at a Roll-Laden party in Zuerich. Now not long ago I had the pleasure of catching up with them at the Women in Boardsports Retreat. There they took the time to ask about Skateistan and what came out is a beautifu two double spread article. The entire issue is magical and worth a look, or two or three:  lamono magazine 


Women in War, Women in Peace

Traditional war gender roles see the man as the hero's and soldiers whereas the women are the caretakers. With that the women play a big part in the success of a waring nation. Only recently scholar picked up on the women in war phenomena.

"understanding war as a male pursuit, we obscure the suffering, the triumphs, and the contributions of women. We also limit our ability to conduct war and to negotiate lasting peace. Without a dramatic shift in our popular conceptions about war and the roles women can play during and after conflict, we will have a harder time escaping the cycle of war and will be unable to find new ways to limit conflicts and rebuild societies". Read more of this insightful article by Diana Wueger on The Atlantic.


KABUL a city at work

"painters are lucky... we can paint peoples dreams" to "the sound of titanic is like a dick in my brain"

Kabul a city at work is a vibrant platform of Afghanistan capital city and worth a good old look.  It is a collection of beautiful, honest, at times thought provoking articles and interviews of those who keep the 4 million packed city buzzing and alive.
Laid out in several chapters the webpage paints a colorful picture of the people in Kabul. Who is; the Sweet Maker? , the Bulletproof Salesman?, the Child Prodigy? The Female Army General? or the Bonesetter?. Visit www.kabulatwork.tv/ to find out.


Yak Daqa with Fazila


Yak Daka translates into one minute from Dari. It is also a series of one-minute movies of Skateistan’s monthly update. This time Skateistan presents one minute with my ex-student and skateboarding star Fazila. She recently has been to Italy with a bunch of other Skateistanis and she is one of the personalities of Skateistans feature-length documentary, Skateistan: Four Wheels & A Board in Kabul.
Find out what here dream job is, what she wishes for the future and why she likes to skateboard.

Yake Daka also includes amongst others a downhill ride “Bombing Jalalabad” movie. Check it out.

DONATE to Skateistan here: http://skateistan.org/content/donate
See the doc trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04M2PQso-AA


Words of Afghanistan's Women

For some writing might be a pain, like for for me in school it used to be. For others writing is pure joy, an expression of oneself and yet again others are forbid to write.

The Afghan Women's Writing Project is dedicated to provide training workshops, resources and much more for Afghan Women. Against all sorts of odds those brave women speak out and share their stories. Visit http://www.awwproject.org/, a colorful vibrant window to the world of Afghan females.


Squirrel Skateboarding

My friend, the flaying Squirrel once more exhibits here graphical talent. After designing the RAD logo and poster for the greener pastures movie, she finally got here own blog up in the world wide web. Visit here and say "Hi" at: [www.tamarapraderskates.ch]