Meet sixxa On Tour

Just before Christmas I received a box full of goodies from my sixxa friends, because of the Christmas rush I only found some time to tell you about the rad Austrian brand today. Sixxa's garments are full of goodness, illustrated with little characters, designed in Vienna and manufactured in Europe. The cloths are tailored out of Eco friendly fabrics that are not only make it easier for Mother Nature but feel great on your skin. 


If life was a book how would your story go?

Amy Purdy has lost both legs due to meningitis, is a snowboard pro and entrepreneur among many other things. In this video Amy highlights some key moments of here personal story and than speaks about the power of imagination. Having experienced a life changing meningitis myself I am super inspired by Amy's story. 


Has porn hijacked our boardsports culture?

Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the beauty of a pleasing female & male bodies, however it sucks if sexual arousing aesthetics are favored before athletic skills. Further, and that sucks even more, it is shocking to read reports on the increased violence against women due to such interpretations!