Meet The Stans

Visualtraveling - Meet The Stans from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

skateboarding along the silk road. including shots from afghanistan, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan and china and makes me very hungry to travel this road on my skateboard too. thanks for the inspiration guys! biside, this is a gorgeous video!
Produced by Patrick Wallner who's website: visualtraveling does not only save you a flight ticket but its worth visiting too. 


What you think you become

Into The Mind - Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

i think this is going to be good - a film about becoming, combining Buddhist wisdom with 'action' sports.


Love is Enough

what cool poster! big gathering of female snowboarders in andorra this months. check out what Alva posted on SBES MAG. 


this morning in my garden

all thoughts of rumor's are flaying around, proposing that today is special. one thing is for sure. i witnessed a most magical sunrise this morning.


Skateboard Eyewear

skateboard shades! love it. not only do they look like 'i want' but some of the income goes to support Skateistan



Upeace, the united nations-mandated university for peace is headquartered in costa rica. her on a beautiful hilltop, tucked away in between old mango trees and all sorts of other plants will be my new home for the next five months. i am working as a research associate in Victoria Fontan's department and will be researching and writeing about the role of skateboarding in peace work. oh yeah!


Anywhere Road Eyhibition

Woooohoo so good, what a shame i am on a road far, far away, past mountains and big seas. this is a  photo exhibition  'cut to the core of skateboarding life by girls who skate'. i mean real ladies who skate, not long heard bikini dolls holding a deck. the cream the la cream sort of girl. 

 “What's your road, man? - holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It's an anywhere road for anybody anyhow. Where body how?” - Jack Kerouac,On the Road. 

also read what Jenna & Louisa have to say.


ESF Research Conference: In Search of Peace

Check out this conference coming up:  In search of Peace: Dialogues between theories and practices. I am about to make my way up to Sweden where I will present a paper on "The Art of Living Sideways and the Aesthetic of Transrational Peaces".  In short it is about skateboarding, peace and living. Oh yeah! Thanks for the support ESF and I am looking forward to be inspired :)

Bones Brigade Premiere

Documentary Trailer: Bones Brigade: An Autobiography from Stacy Peralta on Vimeo.

yes i got a ticked for this promising gem! get one for yourself at germany's best skate shop: Boneless in Munich. 


Female Rapper at Afghan Music Festival

Pure AWESOMENESS! Afghani female raper and the whole South Central Music Festival in Kabul itself.

How do you inspire?

The lovely Coco from Swiss based 7sky team send me this a couple of weeks ago but I never could watch it because vimeo was blocked in Afghanistan. Now back I finally had a peek. This clip is all about consciousness and awareness.  It’s also about being an inspiration to the people surrounding us. Changing habits, becoming our true selves and starting to see all the beauty in connecting with nature and people around us. It a powerful reminder on how we inspire each other. How do you inspire?


Skateboarding at the Institute of Diplomacy, Kabul

The other day I was invited (thank you Julia) to hold a lecture on "Sport & Peace" at the Institute of Diplomacy in Kabul. Located within the grounds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Institute is set up to raise staffs scientific and professional level of understanding. 

Harnessing the power of sport in the name of peace is a popular practice within reconciliation efforts in conflict regions. My current research curiosity lies in understanding the human experience of peace,  in particular on how the experience of skateboarders and the act of skateboarding leads to awareness and self-transcendence. In that light I was pleased to  share some thoughts on trans-rational notions of peace. Above all I had a good time and so I think did everybody in class.


Teachers Day

photo: Skateistan
Thank you for the presents and the lovely dancing. Yesterday was teachers day and the girls brought in tasty cakes, flowers and did beautiful dances as a sign of appreciation that they can go to school. I wish that all children in Afghanistan can have access to education.



This doesn't really say anything, I just liked the patterns and the colors. Bon appetit!

Buskashi Boys

Buzkashi Boys Trailer from Sam French on Vimeo.

Check out the awesome looking Trailer of Buskashi Boys. The Afghan Premier is today, looking forward to see the full length version. The faces of the two boys are just amazing! Buskashi by the way is Afghanistan's National Sport, a type of Polo played with a death goat. Behind the scene the movie was produced by Afghan Film Project a none-profit foundation that was set up to pass on knowledge and techniques to locals and to push the film industry over here.


Driving past...

sofas on the streets of Kabul. what a hangout spot! 


Road Work

Currently there is an enormous amount of road construction going on. Every other road is blocked and ripped open ready to be tarmacked. Those dudes in their bright uniforms probably just heading home.



Watching boys play football at sunset sometimes feels like walking on the moon.  Here on the outskirts of Kabul.


Peace Day 2012 in Kabul

Only 4 days ago I did think we might have to chancel today's peace day, due to security concerns.  Now I am proud of the entire team. We pulled of an awesome event for today's peace celebration with many happy smiling faces. My favorite part where the 400 balloons with wishes for the future. Although the distribute ended up in total madness and the kids went wild. Check out more pictures here


Rest in Peace

photo by Skateistan

“If you are scared you end up doing nothing and without doing you cannot achieve anything. But if you do things, all that can happen is you succeed or fail.” - Khorshid

Kabul lost a  handful inspiring and lovely change agents last week. The above souls traveled to heaven with a heart breaking incident and the days are not the same without Eeza, Khorsid and Nawab.  I miss Eeza's cheeky smile and high fives and Khorshid's "Mister".  I don't have many words but as you might have noticed in the news, many others have.

In memory of the kids who where killed on the 8th. October Skateistan set up an emergency fund to support students in crisis.


A refreshing headine.

I like Tara Jepsen's personal account of here skateboarding experience. Its an inspirational and refreshing news account of female skateboarding. Rather than the predominate discourse of the "girls" focus in the skateboarding world. Read here words on xo Jane.


Girls Learn to Spray Paint at Skateistan

photo: Skateistan

In order to celebrate this years International Peace Day Skateistan students in Kabul learn to use the can to create art. Afghan sprayer Mustafa gave the students a introductory lesson in the class rooms on the history of street art, line drawing and usages of the cans.
Once the students created their own art on paper they headed out and practiced their skills on long sheets stretched between the shady trees outside the park. 

The final peace will be sprayed as a mural in the Skatepark, bringing more color and joy to the currently still white walls.

“One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”



I have a favor of pictures randomly placed on walls.


Erika rocks Bamiyan

photo: Skateistan

The whole in the background was once the home of a magnificent 6th Century Buddha stature that sadly was destroyed in 2001. The spot however is still magical.  In fact the area around is one of my favorite place in Afghanistan. Especially watching the sun set while sitting in the top whole where the head once used to be is stunning.
Erika volunteers for Skateistan and this picture was taken several years back when she was teaching ollies to girls in Kabul. 


Yoga and Meditation in Afghanistan

Check out this super amazing project of the Sola Yoga. Teaching yoga and meditation to solders, prisoners, school kids and others. I also recommend reading the "Meditation Teacher" Amandine Roche on Kabul a city at work which you can find here.


Beauty Parlors and AFC

Back in the 'Stan. Might post some stuff up here now and than.


Women in Boardsports 2012

Now as the summer is slowly moving into autumn it is time for the annual Women in Boardsports conference. Having had the pleasure and humbling experience to be invited last year I can only say get yourself a ticket!  

It has been a super inspirational time in Saas Fee and looking at this years invited speakers, it will be a blast again. Make sure you book your place soon, only limited spots are available.

The retreat takes place Wednesday 26th - Sunday 30th September 2012.


Merza Mohammedi on Kabul: a city at work

check out Afghanistan's Skateboard teacher Merza doing his thing. Beautifully filmed and edited by they guys from Kabul: a city at work.

Pay them a visit here


Smile at your sister

Right now I just quickly like to spread some love from Dani Bily's smile at your sister's blog. One of Dani's many talents is to capture glimpses that make me appreciate the beauty of being in this world. Read what she has to say about the Women Longboard Camp - "Girls, Boards and Bear HERE. I defiantly recommend to watch the video at the end with Sonja singing at Thursday nights camp fire.

Sheride All Girls Downhill Freeride

Hell Yeah! While we had THE CAMP in Europe the ladies across the pond organized a freeride at Meryhill. Good vibes!  Thank to Push Culture News for sharing the love.


Osinlica: Slovenia's Longboard Heaven

photo credit: Samy Cantieni

photo credit: Petra Moser

Coaching sessions, freeride runs, race passions, drafting, dancing, cone wiggles, corner sliding, standis practice, early morning yoga sessions, river jumps, campfire actions, deathly Slivovic and shared Longboard love marked last weeks Women Lonboard Camp (WLC) in Osinlica. 


Afghanistan - touch down in flight

Afghanistan – touch down in flight from Augustin Pictures on Vimeo.

 The couple behind Augustin Pictures captured a beautiful and touching glimpse of a country I love. Thank you guys for producing this gem.


1st day on the Bears Guts

Photo Credit: Samy Cantieni
Today's impression of the Bears Guts in Slovenia. 35 ladies at the top of the mountain, getting ready for the firs run down the track with some morning stretches. We had five coaching sessions in the morning, for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The afternoon was packed with a  technical introduction into the mystery of bushings, trucks, bearings, boards and Co. Topped up with a own complete set up to take home. To round the day of a  tasty skate video was beamed up on screen in the warm, or still hot night. To find some more pictures check out: www.womenlongboardcamp.com


Women Longboard Camp has Started!

Photo credit: Samy Cantieni

The long wait for the first Women Longboard Camp is finally over! All riders arrived - check! Hay balls secured - check! A portion of sun ordered -check!  

Us instructors did a quick road test before it got hectic this morning. Only Anni was missing who sadly could not make it any earlier. The sun is shining, the road is a amazing and the people are a blast. Looking forward to a week of skating the Bears Guts in Slovenia. girls longboarding, longboarding, girls, women, skate, skateboarding, Slovenia



My buddies Gloria and Fee are currently road tripping, bombing hills and having fun.


A good read on female sports history, women who prefer exercise and liberty. The article is picking up on the old-age gender debate of females in skateboarding with the creme de la creme of women skateboading. Read the lot over at the awesome huck magazine.



EUROTIC - TRAILER from Lipstick Productions on Vimeo.

the first snow messenger for this season. i am sure this blows up once it out. well done lipstick production. loving the trailer. 


Berlin Rooftop

Good work on the fishman!


Book Release Party TODAY!

Today is a big day! After many hours of love, sweat, tears and super hard work from a bunch of creative people it is finally time to release the first Skateistan book.  So tonight, SKATEISTAN THE TALE OF SKATEBOARDING IN AFGHANISTAN has its well deserved launch party, exhibition and Q&A sessions in Berlin. Had a little sneak peak last night and it is looking super SICK already. Out of the creative hearts of Art Director Alexander Bald and Ana Lessing emerged a peace of beautiful and inspirational work of design and art. Check it out for yourself. Come and join the fun from 6pm till late at the Deutsche Architektur Zentrum DAZ. Koepernickerstrs 48. 
Books will be on sale for the first time. If you fancy a copy make sure to bring 40EUR. 


Ben on Skateboarding the Bobtrack

It is always a pleasure to read Ben's work. He writes like butter that spreads super well on bread. Soft, easy to read and on top (even better than butter&bread) insightful. His latest words can be found at SKATE[SLATE]. "Something Else in a Nutshell: A flashback to Beton on Fire". 

Keep on rocking bookie!

40 meter robe swiiiiiiiing!

I find letting go of my fears is a most rewarding experience. Fear at times paralyses, makes me stuck in desperate structures and keeps me from following my dreams.
I do little conscious efforts to overcome my fears on a regular basis. Sometimes though I do bigger stuff. Last Friday was such a time again.  Letting go of the concrete ground and jumping into the black night was something I cannot wrap into words. It is more like whooooooohoooo.  I felt liberated, free and clean. Thank you Danny and crew for taking me on your adventure and for an amazing life enriching experience.


The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan

“A skateboard park and school surrounded by war makes perfect sense in a senseless world, doesn’t it?” – C.R. Stecyk

After years of interviews, documentation and hard work, the NGO Skateistan is excited to announce
the release of its very first book, revealing how a grassroots skateboarding project has made a lasting
impact on the lives of Afghan youth. 

Come and join us at the book release party and exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Saturday 9th of June 6pm till late. 


Bears Guts

Two many hairpins to count on two hands, fresh tarmac and a wide, grippy roads are the tasty futures of the Bears Guts Freerides. Following last years success Mihael and Nadim from Longboard Magazine organizing two events for this season. The first one just past and everyone who was not there missed out big times! Thank you guys for everything! The road, the bus, the hay balls, the parties and for getting us all together to wake up the bear.  Bekks is going radical,love it!
The bear has woken!


Follow your instincts!

Loving the message!

Frog King

While visiting my sister in Vienna I noticed a handful of great new graphics. Loving the frog nearly as much as the teddy bears on the boat.


Conversation in All Around Skate

A couple of days ago, All Around Skate, The European Longboard Site,  posted a conversation we had on Longboarding in Afghanistan, the portrayal of women in boardsports and some other stuff. Thank you Gbemi. Check it out on their side.  Or below. 



Want to learn how to skate and live around Munich Town in Bavaria? Albertross Skateboard School is founded by former World Skateboard Champion Tobias (Albertross) Kupfer and offers high quality skate workshops for kids. The sessions are spread over two days and begin with a little theory, warm up and lots of time to skate. Split into several groups there is something for beginners and advanced skaters alike.  Sadly today its raining but I had the pleasure to be involved in some of the workshops as tutor and so far the workshops have been full of joy and giggles. I would press the I Like button if I had one!


Skateistan in Cambodia

It has been nearly a year now that Skateistan Cambodia took of the ground and lately the BBC did a little cover piece, showing whats going on the the Cambodian skate schene. 

Skateistan's aim is to help current and former street children gain confidence through skateboarding.


Schools on the moon

Jake Simkin

on the border between afghanistan and pakistan, where the international community dare not go, where artilleries from pakistan target defenseless villagers, where the terrain is rough, dry and cold young girls and boys wake up every morning and walk miles to attend school. 
my housemate and photographer jake simkin got this ball rolling. find more stunning pictures and donate a little bit here:  schools on the moon.


The silence in Downhill Skateboarding

The Swiss based 7sky Magazine recently published a RAD interview of my super fast friend Tamara Prader. Sadly it is only in German, nevertheless I find it is a must share. Tamara speaks about the beautiful silence in Downhill Skateboarding.

Tamara conveys the amazing feeling that unfolds when riding roads fast. She shares moments of downhill skateboarding that are often forgotten about. When the rider is crouched down having left the highest point of acceleration it appears to be like flaying down the road and the mind stands till. Freedom,  speed and silence!  That is what I love downhill skateboarding for.

You can read the interview here.

Longboard Pop up Store Vienna

Not only flowers popping up, colorful and RAD longboard equipment can be taken home from the one month-only pop up Longboard Store at the Sixxa Shop in Vienna. My friend Fee has been a busy bee to make sure that while the last snow is melting a new pallet of longboard equipment is reaching Austria's capital just in time for the first spring sessions. 

There be a fine selection of longboarding gear to take home such as Airflow Skateboards, LushLongboards, Landyachtz, Hackbrett, Bastl Boards, Olson&Hekmati, Abec11, Cult Wheels, Hawgs Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Bear Trucks, Randal trucks and many more.

Apart from the gear there will be parties and weekly skate meets & greets during the time from the 14.4.2012-12.5.2012.  

The opening party is happening on Saturday the 14th of Mai. Check it out. 


Longboarding Thoughts in Heelside Mag

 My Berlin Buddy Gloria  Kupsch published some solid thoughts on women in longboarding in the Australian Heelside Magazine. Well done Lady! 

 "This is skating. This is a sport. This is our life. It shouldn’t matter for shit whether that person on a board is a girl or a guy. The only thing that matters really is that this is a skater, no?" Read the whole lot on Gloris blog.


Swiss Spring Session


Kevin Bouaich and Nicolas Robert make me hungry for more. Skate is on.


Airflow Skateboards

Yes! I had two beautiful shiny new decks in my mail this morning. Thank you Chris for a great season present. Feel the flow at Airflow!


Keep it Real: Longboarding

Gnarly, rough, fast and hell YES longboarding all the way from Boom Town with Carmen Shafer and Alicia Fillback. Its a must watch!


Women's Longboard Camp

Come and join us for the first women's longboard camp, to take place on a stunning Slovenian
mountain road near the village of Osilnica in August 2012.  

- One week of downhill, slide, slalom and freeride skateboarding 
- Organised by women for women 
- Networking, meeting and fun within a international environment  


Kabul Graffiti Hero

Some of you might have noticed, that I have become a bit of a fan of Kabul: A city at Work. The internet platform that portraits Afghanistan's capital in a vibrant mix of portraits. Today I want to share with you this great story about an Afghan female graffiti artist because I think her story is super inspirational. 
Shamsia's mission is to bring back art to Afghanistan and with her work she wants to push women's rights in Afghanistan. Her main wish is to see Afghanistan vying with other countries in the art world. Watch a video of her and see more of Shamsia's work here. 


SIXXA Longboard Material Workshop

Are you a women in Vienna and want to learn how to set up, maintain and clean your longboard? Or do you want to find out on how to best get your bearings out of the wheels and cleaning tips for a long lasting riding pleasure? OR do you just want to meet a bunch of rad longboard ladies? If so grab your gear and turn up at the Sixxa Material Workshop and Miniramp session.

Where? Sixxa Headquater, Kienayergasse 22, 114 Vienna
When? Monday 13th of February 2012, 16:00 start of Miniramp-Session/ 18:00 Workshop


Women in Boardsports Lunch at ISPO

Its nearly ISPO time! Since a couple of years now Women in Boardsports gather during the ISPO in Munich to have fun and discuss hot topics concerning females in boardsports. The event is growing bigger every year and if you want to secure a place you need to hurry. Capacity is only 80 ladies and it is first come, first serve. Having had the pleasure to be invited to the last Women in Boardsports retreat in Saas Fee I can only highly recoment this inspirational gathering. Sadly I cannot make it this ISPO Monday but hope Alba keeps those of us who cannot attend in person informed via the website.

Youth Olympic Games Innsbruck

Photo: Innsbruck 2012 GmbH
Tonight I am working at the opening ceremony of the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games at the Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck. 'It’s about facilitating intercultural dialogue and creating friendships among young people from around the world'. In this light I am wishing all participants memorable experiences and a joyful YOG 2012.


Migrants in Winter Sports

The first European seminar on "Involving Young Migrants in Winter Sports" is held in Innsbruck this week, just one day before the opening of the Youth Olympic Games. The seminars time table is packed with plenary sessions and working groups hosted by SPIN, the Sport Inclusion Network. Involving Young Migrants in Winter Sports aims to find a collective strategy on how to include ethnic minorities and immigrants in national winter sports.