Kabul Graffiti Hero

Some of you might have noticed, that I have become a bit of a fan of Kabul: A city at Work. The internet platform that portraits Afghanistan's capital in a vibrant mix of portraits. Today I want to share with you this great story about an Afghan female graffiti artist because I think her story is super inspirational. 
Shamsia's mission is to bring back art to Afghanistan and with her work she wants to push women's rights in Afghanistan. Her main wish is to see Afghanistan vying with other countries in the art world. Watch a video of her and see more of Shamsia's work here. 


SIXXA Longboard Material Workshop

Are you a women in Vienna and want to learn how to set up, maintain and clean your longboard? Or do you want to find out on how to best get your bearings out of the wheels and cleaning tips for a long lasting riding pleasure? OR do you just want to meet a bunch of rad longboard ladies? If so grab your gear and turn up at the Sixxa Material Workshop and Miniramp session.

Where? Sixxa Headquater, Kienayergasse 22, 114 Vienna
When? Monday 13th of February 2012, 16:00 start of Miniramp-Session/ 18:00 Workshop