Longboarding Thoughts in Heelside Mag

 My Berlin Buddy Gloria  Kupsch published some solid thoughts on women in longboarding in the Australian Heelside Magazine. Well done Lady! 

 "This is skating. This is a sport. This is our life. It shouldn’t matter for shit whether that person on a board is a girl or a guy. The only thing that matters really is that this is a skater, no?" Read the whole lot on Gloris blog.


Swiss Spring Session


Kevin Bouaich and Nicolas Robert make me hungry for more. Skate is on.


Airflow Skateboards

Yes! I had two beautiful shiny new decks in my mail this morning. Thank you Chris for a great season present. Feel the flow at Airflow!


Keep it Real: Longboarding

Gnarly, rough, fast and hell YES longboarding all the way from Boom Town with Carmen Shafer and Alicia Fillback. Its a must watch!


Women's Longboard Camp

Come and join us for the first women's longboard camp, to take place on a stunning Slovenian
mountain road near the village of Osilnica in August 2012.  

- One week of downhill, slide, slalom and freeride skateboarding 
- Organised by women for women 
- Networking, meeting and fun within a international environment