Conversation in All Around Skate

A couple of days ago, All Around Skate, The European Longboard Site,  posted a conversation we had on Longboarding in Afghanistan, the portrayal of women in boardsports and some other stuff. Thank you Gbemi. Check it out on their side.  Or below. 



Want to learn how to skate and live around Munich Town in Bavaria? Albertross Skateboard School is founded by former World Skateboard Champion Tobias (Albertross) Kupfer and offers high quality skate workshops for kids. The sessions are spread over two days and begin with a little theory, warm up and lots of time to skate. Split into several groups there is something for beginners and advanced skaters alike.  Sadly today its raining but I had the pleasure to be involved in some of the workshops as tutor and so far the workshops have been full of joy and giggles. I would press the I Like button if I had one!


Skateistan in Cambodia

It has been nearly a year now that Skateistan Cambodia took of the ground and lately the BBC did a little cover piece, showing whats going on the the Cambodian skate schene. 

Skateistan's aim is to help current and former street children gain confidence through skateboarding.


Schools on the moon

Jake Simkin

on the border between afghanistan and pakistan, where the international community dare not go, where artilleries from pakistan target defenseless villagers, where the terrain is rough, dry and cold young girls and boys wake up every morning and walk miles to attend school. 
my housemate and photographer jake simkin got this ball rolling. find more stunning pictures and donate a little bit here:  schools on the moon.


The silence in Downhill Skateboarding

The Swiss based 7sky Magazine recently published a RAD interview of my super fast friend Tamara Prader. Sadly it is only in German, nevertheless I find it is a must share. Tamara speaks about the beautiful silence in Downhill Skateboarding.

Tamara conveys the amazing feeling that unfolds when riding roads fast. She shares moments of downhill skateboarding that are often forgotten about. When the rider is crouched down having left the highest point of acceleration it appears to be like flaying down the road and the mind stands till. Freedom,  speed and silence!  That is what I love downhill skateboarding for.

You can read the interview here.

Longboard Pop up Store Vienna

Not only flowers popping up, colorful and RAD longboard equipment can be taken home from the one month-only pop up Longboard Store at the Sixxa Shop in Vienna. My friend Fee has been a busy bee to make sure that while the last snow is melting a new pallet of longboard equipment is reaching Austria's capital just in time for the first spring sessions. 

There be a fine selection of longboarding gear to take home such as Airflow Skateboards, LushLongboards, Landyachtz, Hackbrett, Bastl Boards, Olson&Hekmati, Abec11, Cult Wheels, Hawgs Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Bear Trucks, Randal trucks and many more.

Apart from the gear there will be parties and weekly skate meets & greets during the time from the 14.4.2012-12.5.2012.  

The opening party is happening on Saturday the 14th of Mai. Check it out.