Ben on Skateboarding the Bobtrack

It is always a pleasure to read Ben's work. He writes like butter that spreads super well on bread. Soft, easy to read and on top (even better than butter&bread) insightful. His latest words can be found at SKATE[SLATE]. "Something Else in a Nutshell: A flashback to Beton on Fire". 

Keep on rocking bookie!

40 meter robe swiiiiiiiing!

I find letting go of my fears is a most rewarding experience. Fear at times paralyses, makes me stuck in desperate structures and keeps me from following my dreams.
I do little conscious efforts to overcome my fears on a regular basis. Sometimes though I do bigger stuff. Last Friday was such a time again.  Letting go of the concrete ground and jumping into the black night was something I cannot wrap into words. It is more like whooooooohoooo.  I felt liberated, free and clean. Thank you Danny and crew for taking me on your adventure and for an amazing life enriching experience.


The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan

“A skateboard park and school surrounded by war makes perfect sense in a senseless world, doesn’t it?” – C.R. Stecyk

After years of interviews, documentation and hard work, the NGO Skateistan is excited to announce
the release of its very first book, revealing how a grassroots skateboarding project has made a lasting
impact on the lives of Afghan youth. 

Come and join us at the book release party and exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Saturday 9th of June 6pm till late. 


Bears Guts

Two many hairpins to count on two hands, fresh tarmac and a wide, grippy roads are the tasty futures of the Bears Guts Freerides. Following last years success Mihael and Nadim from Longboard Magazine organizing two events for this season. The first one just past and everyone who was not there missed out big times! Thank you guys for everything! The road, the bus, the hay balls, the parties and for getting us all together to wake up the bear.  Bekks is going radical,love it!
The bear has woken!


Follow your instincts!

Loving the message!

Frog King

While visiting my sister in Vienna I noticed a handful of great new graphics. Loving the frog nearly as much as the teddy bears on the boat.