The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan

“A skateboard park and school surrounded by war makes perfect sense in a senseless world, doesn’t it?” – C.R. Stecyk

After years of interviews, documentation and hard work, the NGO Skateistan is excited to announce
the release of its very first book, revealing how a grassroots skateboarding project has made a lasting
impact on the lives of Afghan youth. 

Come and join us at the book release party and exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Saturday 9th of June 6pm till late. 

What’s it like to grow up working on the streets in a warzone, or to spend the first 15 years of your life pretending to be a boy? How does it feel to be one of the first skateboarders in a country, and at the same time a girl in a conservative Muslim society? In a nation divided along ethnic and gender lines, how do art, education and skateboarding create change?

Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan shares the strange and beautiful intersection of
traditional Afghan society and a new generation of Afghan skateboarders and artists. Through a balanced mix of words and photographs, the book tells the tale of Skateistan, which since 2007 has taught skateboarding and creative arts to girls and boys in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Skateistan gives a rare, in-depth look into the lives of exceptional young Afghans facing incredible challenges and giving new life to a city that has been ravaged by war.

This 320-page color book features stunning, previously unpublished photographs accompanied
by essays, interviews and personal stories from Skateistan’s founder Oliver Percovich and the young
Afghans that have gone from being streetworking kids to teachers in the skatepark and classrooms. Full of hope, beauty, brutal honesty – and skateboards – this is a story about Afghanistan that you won’t find any- where else.

The book’s official release date is set for June 9th 2012 in Berlin, Germany, with purchase available soon through Amazon US, the Skateistan online store, and local skateboard shops.

100% of proceeds will go towards Skateistan’s activities. Check out the “Making of the Skateistan Book” video and more info here: www.skateistan.org/book

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