Erika rocks Bamiyan

photo: Skateistan

The whole in the background was once the home of a magnificent 6th Century Buddha stature that sadly was destroyed in 2001. The spot however is still magical.  In fact the area around is one of my favorite place in Afghanistan. Especially watching the sun set while sitting in the top whole where the head once used to be is stunning.
Erika volunteers for Skateistan and this picture was taken several years back when she was teaching ollies to girls in Kabul. 


Yoga and Meditation in Afghanistan

Check out this super amazing project of the Sola Yoga. Teaching yoga and meditation to solders, prisoners, school kids and others. I also recommend reading the "Meditation Teacher" Amandine Roche on Kabul a city at work which you can find here.


Beauty Parlors and AFC

Back in the 'Stan. Might post some stuff up here now and than.


Women in Boardsports 2012

Now as the summer is slowly moving into autumn it is time for the annual Women in Boardsports conference. Having had the pleasure and humbling experience to be invited last year I can only say get yourself a ticket!  

It has been a super inspirational time in Saas Fee and looking at this years invited speakers, it will be a blast again. Make sure you book your place soon, only limited spots are available.

The retreat takes place Wednesday 26th - Sunday 30th September 2012.


Merza Mohammedi on Kabul: a city at work

check out Afghanistan's Skateboard teacher Merza doing his thing. Beautifully filmed and edited by they guys from Kabul: a city at work.

Pay them a visit here


Smile at your sister

Right now I just quickly like to spread some love from Dani Bily's smile at your sister's blog. One of Dani's many talents is to capture glimpses that make me appreciate the beauty of being in this world. Read what she has to say about the Women Longboard Camp - "Girls, Boards and Bear HERE. I defiantly recommend to watch the video at the end with Sonja singing at Thursday nights camp fire.

Sheride All Girls Downhill Freeride

Hell Yeah! While we had THE CAMP in Europe the ladies across the pond organized a freeride at Meryhill. Good vibes!  Thank to Push Culture News for sharing the love.


Osinlica: Slovenia's Longboard Heaven

photo credit: Samy Cantieni

photo credit: Petra Moser

Coaching sessions, freeride runs, race passions, drafting, dancing, cone wiggles, corner sliding, standis practice, early morning yoga sessions, river jumps, campfire actions, deathly Slivovic and shared Longboard love marked last weeks Women Lonboard Camp (WLC) in Osinlica. 


Afghanistan - touch down in flight

Afghanistan – touch down in flight from Augustin Pictures on Vimeo.

 The couple behind Augustin Pictures captured a beautiful and touching glimpse of a country I love. Thank you guys for producing this gem.


1st day on the Bears Guts

Photo Credit: Samy Cantieni
Today's impression of the Bears Guts in Slovenia. 35 ladies at the top of the mountain, getting ready for the firs run down the track with some morning stretches. We had five coaching sessions in the morning, for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The afternoon was packed with a  technical introduction into the mystery of bushings, trucks, bearings, boards and Co. Topped up with a own complete set up to take home. To round the day of a  tasty skate video was beamed up on screen in the warm, or still hot night. To find some more pictures check out: www.womenlongboardcamp.com


Women Longboard Camp has Started!

Photo credit: Samy Cantieni

The long wait for the first Women Longboard Camp is finally over! All riders arrived - check! Hay balls secured - check! A portion of sun ordered -check!  

Us instructors did a quick road test before it got hectic this morning. Only Anni was missing who sadly could not make it any earlier. The sun is shining, the road is a amazing and the people are a blast. Looking forward to a week of skating the Bears Guts in Slovenia. girls longboarding, longboarding, girls, women, skate, skateboarding, Slovenia