Road Work

Currently there is an enormous amount of road construction going on. Every other road is blocked and ripped open ready to be tarmacked. Those dudes in their bright uniforms probably just heading home.



Watching boys play football at sunset sometimes feels like walking on the moon.  Here on the outskirts of Kabul.


Peace Day 2012 in Kabul

Only 4 days ago I did think we might have to chancel today's peace day, due to security concerns.  Now I am proud of the entire team. We pulled of an awesome event for today's peace celebration with many happy smiling faces. My favorite part where the 400 balloons with wishes for the future. Although the distribute ended up in total madness and the kids went wild. Check out more pictures here


Rest in Peace

photo by Skateistan

“If you are scared you end up doing nothing and without doing you cannot achieve anything. But if you do things, all that can happen is you succeed or fail.” - Khorshid

Kabul lost a  handful inspiring and lovely change agents last week. The above souls traveled to heaven with a heart breaking incident and the days are not the same without Eeza, Khorsid and Nawab.  I miss Eeza's cheeky smile and high fives and Khorshid's "Mister".  I don't have many words but as you might have noticed in the news, many others have.

In memory of the kids who where killed on the 8th. October Skateistan set up an emergency fund to support students in crisis.


A refreshing headine.

I like Tara Jepsen's personal account of here skateboarding experience. Its an inspirational and refreshing news account of female skateboarding. Rather than the predominate discourse of the "girls" focus in the skateboarding world. Read here words on xo Jane.


Girls Learn to Spray Paint at Skateistan

photo: Skateistan

In order to celebrate this years International Peace Day Skateistan students in Kabul learn to use the can to create art. Afghan sprayer Mustafa gave the students a introductory lesson in the class rooms on the history of street art, line drawing and usages of the cans.
Once the students created their own art on paper they headed out and practiced their skills on long sheets stretched between the shady trees outside the park. 

The final peace will be sprayed as a mural in the Skatepark, bringing more color and joy to the currently still white walls.

“One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”



I have a favor of pictures randomly placed on walls.