Anywhere Road Eyhibition

Woooohoo so good, what a shame i am on a road far, far away, past mountains and big seas. this is a  photo exhibition  'cut to the core of skateboarding life by girls who skate'. i mean real ladies who skate, not long heard bikini dolls holding a deck. the cream the la cream sort of girl. 

 “What's your road, man? - holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road. It's an anywhere road for anybody anyhow. Where body how?” - Jack Kerouac,On the Road. 

also read what Jenna & Louisa have to say.


ESF Research Conference: In Search of Peace

Check out this conference coming up:  In search of Peace: Dialogues between theories and practices. I am about to make my way up to Sweden where I will present a paper on "The Art of Living Sideways and the Aesthetic of Transrational Peaces".  In short it is about skateboarding, peace and living. Oh yeah! Thanks for the support ESF and I am looking forward to be inspired :)

Bones Brigade Premiere

Documentary Trailer: Bones Brigade: An Autobiography from Stacy Peralta on Vimeo.

yes i got a ticked for this promising gem! get one for yourself at germany's best skate shop: Boneless in Munich. 


Female Rapper at Afghan Music Festival

Pure AWESOMENESS! Afghani female raper and the whole South Central Music Festival in Kabul itself.

How do you inspire?

The lovely Coco from Swiss based 7sky team send me this a couple of weeks ago but I never could watch it because vimeo was blocked in Afghanistan. Now back I finally had a peek. This clip is all about consciousness and awareness.  It’s also about being an inspiration to the people surrounding us. Changing habits, becoming our true selves and starting to see all the beauty in connecting with nature and people around us. It a powerful reminder on how we inspire each other. How do you inspire?


Skateboarding at the Institute of Diplomacy, Kabul

The other day I was invited (thank you Julia) to hold a lecture on "Sport & Peace" at the Institute of Diplomacy in Kabul. Located within the grounds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Institute is set up to raise staffs scientific and professional level of understanding. 

Harnessing the power of sport in the name of peace is a popular practice within reconciliation efforts in conflict regions. My current research curiosity lies in understanding the human experience of peace,  in particular on how the experience of skateboarders and the act of skateboarding leads to awareness and self-transcendence. In that light I was pleased to  share some thoughts on trans-rational notions of peace. Above all I had a good time and so I think did everybody in class.


Teachers Day

photo: Skateistan
Thank you for the presents and the lovely dancing. Yesterday was teachers day and the girls brought in tasty cakes, flowers and did beautiful dances as a sign of appreciation that they can go to school. I wish that all children in Afghanistan can have access to education.



This doesn't really say anything, I just liked the patterns and the colors. Bon appetit!

Buskashi Boys

Buzkashi Boys Trailer from Sam French on Vimeo.

Check out the awesome looking Trailer of Buskashi Boys. The Afghan Premier is today, looking forward to see the full length version. The faces of the two boys are just amazing! Buskashi by the way is Afghanistan's National Sport, a type of Polo played with a death goat. Behind the scene the movie was produced by Afghan Film Project a none-profit foundation that was set up to pass on knowledge and techniques to locals and to push the film industry over here.


Driving past...

sofas on the streets of Kabul. what a hangout spot!