Possibility model

i love mahfia.tv founder kim woozy’s mission to promote females in action sports for their accomplishments. in the above video cindy talks about the importance of possibility models and urges marketing strategist to portray girls/women in action. “research shows, that sex only sell sex, not sports” kim says. at a time where the sexualisation of girls in action sports advertisement is rather concerning kim’s talk hit the nail on the head.


Anne Fury Olsacher Rocks!

what happened this year in austria? anne kicked ass in in bowl, street, mini ramp and especially the deep end at 3:45 is amazing!


Easkey Britton on the Power of Surfing

irish surf goodes easkey britton pulls back veils of the unseen and encourages people to connect with the ocean across cultural and social boarders. "if you share the ocean then it is like your are comppetely bonded because you become blood brother and sister"  she say before sharing the Aloha spirit of "keep giving that love and keep feel it come back until there is nothing else to give"


What's behind sport?

the latest from this years beyond sport summit, moderated by kevin negandhi (ESPN anchor) to find out how sport can be a stepping stone for much greater adventures. the panelist talk about the callenges they have to overcome and how they get the courage to work against all odds in places such as afghanistan and ssrael.

panelist are oliver percovich (skateistan), thania mukith (beyond sport youth ambassadors), john layfield (founder, beyond rugby bermuda), tami hay (director of the sport department, sport at the peres center for peace) and luke dowdney (founder, fight for peace).

the speakers share their stories of how sport has provided a common ground for change in cycles of violenc and certainly is an ispiration for anybody interested in that area.


Greener Pastures Offshore EPS1

Greener Pastures Offshore - EP1 The Island - Official from Skate Greener Pastures on Vimeo.

longboard-eye candy produced from my friends in the land of chocolate and cheese.


Women in Board- & Action Sports Conference 2013 Registration Open

it's this time of the year again! its WIB TIME and the registration for the women in board- & action sports conference 2013 is only open for five more days.

this years speaker of the annual conference for and from women are among others president of burton snowboards donner carpenter and flow expert anna linda hulström.

the rad event is designed to inspire, share and learn. it's happening from the 12th - 15th september 2013 in the mountain town of saas-fee in switzerland. this years event is held under the banner of "how to achieve a goal" with all speeches, presentations, workshops and discussions geared towards women who are working in or are interested in working in the board and action spots industry.

a recap from the 2011 conference can be found here, a suggestion for the future of women skateboarding, that has been discussed at the same conference and summarized by  Jenna Selby can be found on cooler here. most importantly, the registration for this years event is here.



how do we balance risk versus reward? why are we inspired to rise to the challenges in our lives and what do we learn on this journey to attain them? the newest film of sherpas cinema INTO THE MIND is an atempth to answer those question philosopically and with magnificent moving pictures. it is a glimpse into the mind of innovative athletes and i cant wait to see the full length future film, coming out this fall.


Babes on Boards Exhibition

if only i was a bit closer to spain! this looks just like my cup of tea - an exhibition that shows a collection of pictures of the artist on the flayer and girls skateboarding. but not your usual macho-sexism type of babes skateboarding. but real girls skateboarding!

“She is blind by her alienation, drowned by her pains, by these dangerous devil, her own devil.
She wants to find a way to get away from her own dark side & from her fears.
The story behind this series is an escape attempt in order to finally feel good, serene, in peace with oneself.
I’m nobody to say that skateboarding is the key to happiness but it does embodies this feeling of freedom, this escape, this trip towards a better world.” 

sais artist elisa routa on skate.boardgirl.com about what she is about to represent tonight.


Rock to Fakie Munich Style

with the x-game madness making its german debut in munich today i figured it is about time to share this rad picture of munich's local bowl ripper melanie gleissner.  this was taken last year in the hirscharten bowl. a rad place to skate and this is how you do it bavarian style! YEAH Meli!


Good Vibes

Paris Truck Co- Island Time with Amanda Powell from Paris Trucks on Vimeo.

this fine edit of amanda powell skating hawaii makes me miss riding with the tico senioras muchísimo!


Sister Love

1 Winter from rosina on Vimeo.

spread the love and hit the like bottom.



how do you want to life? is a question i keep on asking myself those days. big city buzz or beautiful countryside? at the moment i am tending towards the second option more. a friggebod is a pretty cool place to stay in my transit mode for the moment. it is a small structure of no more than 15 square meters and 3 meters in height that may be built without a special permit here in sweden. originally build as part of an architectural  collaboration last summer, before the snow came the inside is now also nearly done. it feels like inside out when the window is open. love it!



Racka!! from rosina on Vimeo.

end of season shred from the girls!

Skateboarding is for GIRLS

some people don't know what they are talking about! pro skater nyjah huston is quoted saying the above in the new trasher issue, year 2013 mind you! his appologise was not much better and just the idea that women need to be 'protected' makes me cringe. i am waiting for the day when no body needs to be protected and we can all life free. trasher seems to back his sexist stereotyping, or at least that is the impression I get when look at their highlights and counting on my finger how many female skaters trasher published. don't buy trasher i say! 
i am delighted to see what a stir this statement made. its wonderful to observe all those involved people and to see how many guys back up female skateboarding. cheers! 


Design Talks at UID

simon waterfalls doing a great job in introducing andrew shobern

what if terrain park designers could create snow parks with intuitive 3d tools? or what if you could give freedom of movement to a child that can't breathe? and other questions where presented and illustrated at last weeks awesome design talks from the esteemed umeå institute of design. 


creme de la creme of women park skaters

lizzi armanto owning the park in barcelona and winning gold two days later. 

 mimi knoop, pusher of female skate exposure and all around rad person in mid air (on the right)

last week i had a short stop in barcelona and happened to be able to have a sneaky peek preview of the x-games women park skaters during their training run on thursday. those ladies are killing it! it was an inspiration and pleasure to watch. 
next time you need a deck get a hoopala. support the scene and get good stuff from good people.

more pictures just hit 'read more'


Gold Wall

crazy sky at floda31 today.


Skate Workshop Time

the kids are all right and skateworkshop.de aka my buddy tobi 'albertross' kupfer is ready for the season! 

skateboard, graffiti, breakdance workshops anybody? visit albertross & friends. with out a doubt germanys top address for skateboard lessons.

skate, skateboard, longboard, longboarding, workshop, kids, children, skateboarding, skateboarder, tobias, kupfer, albertross, unterricht, lessons, schule


Sticks and Trees

i am surrounded by threes over here in sweden. the woods are magical and remind me at illustrations of Carl Larson and Anne Anderson.



rich finished the floda31 workshop kitchen today. inclusive cup holder extraordinaire! took a while to clean but it's looking good.


We Wood

smile at your sister

the awesome smile at your sister ladies calling all girl scouts, photographers, designers, musicians, poets and rangers to submit their magic for a survival kit inspired project that will kick off with an art show somewhere in the woods. submission hand in ends: 31st of Mai 2013. For more information pay a visit to the ladies.  

"never stop wandering - never stop wondering"


60 minutes in a Skatboarder's Life

this well done little video captures a good minute of skateboarding. done by a german image-capture-man, the video is really an ad for a pretty arty skateboard mag called humbug. the zine comes out of dresden and looks good get it for two euros here.  


Demilitarize the X-games

what does the us-navy sponsorship deal say about the x-games? and the relationship between war, peace and skateboarding? what comes in my mind is the popular anti war slogan  bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity’. it does not make sense to advertise the navy at a skateboarding (among other ‘extreme’ sports) event, or does it? 


Wald und Schwert

dani, my friend from smile at your sister (a gem of a blog) interviewed creative genius frau isa for her about a girl section. that is when i found wald und schwert and this pretty boarding raccoon.


bit of a freaky way of filming but good food for toughs on technology and employment. rasperry pi's founder eben upton advocates self-employment and highlights the importance to work on our environment and destiny rather then being controlled by technology or a large cooperation. i am all for it!
watch the thing over on bbc future.



new moon - new address. in the meantime i moved from costa rica to sweden. this is my new writing space.  thank you marije and rich for the warm welcome at floda31 and to erasmus for young entrepreneurs for paying me to do what i love.


Downhill Skateboard Lego

naughty design

this is the best lego figure ever! so far my mate martin siegrist is not a toy yet but crossing my fingers that LEGO will make it real. check out naughty design they are behind it all and got some more illustrations. 



Khalil Ashawi/Reuters
This picture, of a child walking past damaged buildings in Deir al-Zor, Syria was taken, yesterday on the 4. April 2013 - and looks more like a fiction movie scene. But no it's today's Syria.

When do we learn to accept our differences and stop shooting the hell out of others? 

 “War tends to make cultures alike, whereas peace is that condition under which each culture flowers in its own incomparable way. From this it follows that peace cannot be exported, it is inevitably corrupted by transfer; its attempted export always means war” (Ivan Illich). 


still spots up for grasp

after last years success the women's longboard camp is going in its second round. this time bigger and longer. now on two following weeks with an improved set up and a great spot in france.  some spaces are still available - bock on: womenlongboardcamp.com.


Spoken Poetry

victoria fontan's ten days seminar on media, terrorism and insurgencies or better framed as an exchange on terror, gender violence and war is now over. the course is most likely the best out there but it's a harsh and painful environment. sarah's talk on the other side seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s not just the adage ‘write what you know,’ it’s about gathering up all of the knowledge and experience you’ve collected up to now to help you dive into the things you don’t know.”


Cult wheels in the snow

frau fee, the lady behind the wlc finally got her wings! visits to the mind extending wheel company can be payed here.


 at the costa rica downhill skateboard championship 2013.


Media Team

group-shot before the madness ends! the UPMUNC media team in it's full glory. during the last three days at the upeace campus in costa rica, the path to peace in an increasingly connected global society has been discussed, negotiated, voted and above all walked on.


what do you desire?.

the view of my backyard at sunset.


Fragile Hearts

To This Day from To This Day on Vimeo.

"She looks like a wrong answer that someone tried to arise"

although the voice-over is at times rather intense, the stunning animations made me keep watching. shane koyczan in collaboration with a bunch of creative geniuses explores the profound and lasting impact of bullying. 


Festival Downhill Santa Ana

Costa Ricas first ever downhill championship oh YEAH! A larger crowed then any event I have been to in Europe!!! The Top speed 70km/h length 1,4 km, weather sunburn sunny. great crowed, amazing skateboarding and gnarly hay ball spectacles.



orange gold rush in daniela's garden. thank you shome for the delicious cuisine and the great company.



the most beautiful thing about this lid is that my talented and fast friend tamara prader did the graphic. its patrick's new pro helmet, just in case you wonder. recognize the style from somewhere? tamara also did the logo for this blog.

in case you think helmets are for pussy's, check out the longboard blood donor aka coast longboarding page.


Longboard Camp: Registration Open

after last years success the women longboard camp is now in is second year running and opened its door for registration today. the location changed from slovenja to france and due to the high demand the camp is now available in two weeks. 12-17th of may and 19the-24th of may, on the legendary coffee and schnaps track.  the road is newly paved btw!!!


Tommy Carrol Blind Skateboarding

BRAVE from EyEFORcE on Vimeo.

skateboarder tommy carroll has a unbelievable talent. he skates and he is blind. his skateboarding is based on sound. he has been blind from the age of 2 and skates with so much grace that you would not think so unless you know. what a legend! i am INSPIRED! 

"There is always a way to overcome an obstacle if you want it enough" he says before he skates of in the dark. amazing! 


jungle kitchen

exploring costa rica.


Israel [heart] Iran

War happens when there’s no communication with the “other side”. The Peace Factory is awsom! A Israley graphic designer started to show is face with a message that went viral and this great movemnt emerged.