the most beautiful thing about this lid is that my talented and fast friend tamara prader did the graphic. its patrick's new pro helmet, just in case you wonder. recognize the style from somewhere? tamara also did the logo for this blog.

in case you think helmets are for pussy's, check out the longboard blood donor aka coast longboarding page.


Longboard Camp: Registration Open

after last years success the women longboard camp is now in is second year running and opened its door for registration today. the location changed from slovenja to france and due to the high demand the camp is now available in two weeks. 12-17th of may and 19the-24th of may, on the legendary coffee and schnaps track.  the road is newly paved btw!!!


Tommy Carrol Blind Skateboarding

BRAVE from EyEFORcE on Vimeo.

skateboarder tommy carroll has a unbelievable talent. he skates and he is blind. his skateboarding is based on sound. he has been blind from the age of 2 and skates with so much grace that you would not think so unless you know. what a legend! i am INSPIRED! 

"There is always a way to overcome an obstacle if you want it enough" he says before he skates of in the dark. amazing! 


jungle kitchen

exploring costa rica.


Israel [heart] Iran

War happens when there’s no communication with the “other side”. The Peace Factory is awsom! A Israley graphic designer started to show is face with a message that went viral and this great movemnt emerged.