still spots up for grasp

after last years success the women's longboard camp is going in its second round. this time bigger and longer. now on two following weeks with an improved set up and a great spot in france.  some spaces are still available - bock on: womenlongboardcamp.com.


Spoken Poetry

victoria fontan's ten days seminar on media, terrorism and insurgencies or better framed as an exchange on terror, gender violence and war is now over. the course is most likely the best out there but it's a harsh and painful environment. sarah's talk on the other side seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s not just the adage ‘write what you know,’ it’s about gathering up all of the knowledge and experience you’ve collected up to now to help you dive into the things you don’t know.”


Cult wheels in the snow

frau fee, the lady behind the wlc finally got her wings! visits to the mind extending wheel company can be payed here.


 at the costa rica downhill skateboard championship 2013.


Media Team

group-shot before the madness ends! the UPMUNC media team in it's full glory. during the last three days at the upeace campus in costa rica, the path to peace in an increasingly connected global society has been discussed, negotiated, voted and above all walked on.