60 minutes in a Skatboarder's Life

this well done little video captures a good minute of skateboarding. done by a german image-capture-man, the video is really an ad for a pretty arty skateboard mag called humbug. the zine comes out of dresden and looks good get it for two euros here.  


Demilitarize the X-games

what does the us-navy sponsorship deal say about the x-games? and the relationship between war, peace and skateboarding? what comes in my mind is the popular anti war slogan  bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity’. it does not make sense to advertise the navy at a skateboarding (among other ‘extreme’ sports) event, or does it? 


Wald und Schwert

dani, my friend from smile at your sister (a gem of a blog) interviewed creative genius frau isa for her about a girl section. that is when i found wald und schwert and this pretty boarding raccoon.


bit of a freaky way of filming but good food for toughs on technology and employment. rasperry pi's founder eben upton advocates self-employment and highlights the importance to work on our environment and destiny rather then being controlled by technology or a large cooperation. i am all for it!
watch the thing over on bbc future.



new moon - new address. in the meantime i moved from costa rica to sweden. this is my new writing space.  thank you marije and rich for the warm welcome at floda31 and to erasmus for young entrepreneurs for paying me to do what i love.


Downhill Skateboard Lego

naughty design

this is the best lego figure ever! so far my mate martin siegrist is not a toy yet but crossing my fingers that LEGO will make it real. check out naughty design they are behind it all and got some more illustrations. 



Khalil Ashawi/Reuters
This picture, of a child walking past damaged buildings in Deir al-Zor, Syria was taken, yesterday on the 4. April 2013 - and looks more like a fiction movie scene. But no it's today's Syria.

When do we learn to accept our differences and stop shooting the hell out of others? 

 “War tends to make cultures alike, whereas peace is that condition under which each culture flowers in its own incomparable way. From this it follows that peace cannot be exported, it is inevitably corrupted by transfer; its attempted export always means war” (Ivan Illich).