creme de la creme of women park skaters

lizzi armanto owning the park in barcelona and winning gold two days later. 

 mimi knoop, pusher of female skate exposure and all around rad person in mid air (on the right)

last week i had a short stop in barcelona and happened to be able to have a sneaky peek preview of the x-games women park skaters during their training run on thursday. those ladies are killing it! it was an inspiration and pleasure to watch. 
next time you need a deck get a hoopala. support the scene and get good stuff from good people.

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i don't know here name but she got huge airs over the table 

hoopla rider alana smith and also the first women to land a mc twist in competition

chasing the shadow 

 lizzi armanto again 

 a beautiful rear can also endear

hoopla skateboard founder mimi knoop over the gap on the extension 

 julz lynn

shadow shape

after dinner fun. ladies you are awesome!

i  know i moaned about the x-games and called for the demilitarization of the x-games in a post not long ago and the navy advertisements have been removed from the videos, at least as far as i can tell, and i think it's great. sure the money to run and host the event does not fall from the sky and may be without the military involvement there would be no concrete bowls to shred, no fun to be had an no equal prize money for male and female athletes but lets keep that for another time.

it is fantastic that after a couple of years 'ban' (due to lack of interest)  the women are back on stage and i hope that keeps that way. thanks to the support of the action sports alliance the opportunities for female action sports athletes are looking better then ever before.

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