Babes on Boards Exhibition

if only i was a bit closer to spain! this looks just like my cup of tea - an exhibition that shows a collection of pictures of the artist on the flayer and girls skateboarding. but not your usual macho-sexism type of babes skateboarding. but real girls skateboarding!

“She is blind by her alienation, drowned by her pains, by these dangerous devil, her own devil.
She wants to find a way to get away from her own dark side & from her fears.
The story behind this series is an escape attempt in order to finally feel good, serene, in peace with oneself.
I’m nobody to say that skateboarding is the key to happiness but it does embodies this feeling of freedom, this escape, this trip towards a better world.” 

sais artist elisa routa on skate.boardgirl.com about what she is about to represent tonight.


Rock to Fakie Munich Style

with the x-game madness making its german debut in munich today i figured it is about time to share this rad picture of munich's local bowl ripper melanie gleissner.  this was taken last year in the hirscharten bowl. a rad place to skate and this is how you do it bavarian style! YEAH Meli!


Good Vibes

Paris Truck Co- Island Time with Amanda Powell from Paris Trucks on Vimeo.

this fine edit of amanda powell skating hawaii makes me miss riding with the tico senioras muchísimo!


Sister Love

1 Winter from rosina on Vimeo.

spread the love and hit the like bottom.



how do you want to life? is a question i keep on asking myself those days. big city buzz or beautiful countryside? at the moment i am tending towards the second option more. a friggebod is a pretty cool place to stay in my transit mode for the moment. it is a small structure of no more than 15 square meters and 3 meters in height that may be built without a special permit here in sweden. originally build as part of an architectural  collaboration last summer, before the snow came the inside is now also nearly done. it feels like inside out when the window is open. love it!



Racka!! from rosina on Vimeo.

end of season shred from the girls!

Skateboarding is for GIRLS

some people don't know what they are talking about! pro skater nyjah huston is quoted saying the above in the new trasher issue, year 2013 mind you! his appologise was not much better and just the idea that women need to be 'protected' makes me cringe. i am waiting for the day when no body needs to be protected and we can all life free. trasher seems to back his sexist stereotyping, or at least that is the impression I get when look at their highlights and counting on my finger how many female skaters trasher published. don't buy trasher i say! 
i am delighted to see what a stir this statement made. its wonderful to observe all those involved people and to see how many guys back up female skateboarding. cheers! 


Design Talks at UID

simon waterfalls doing a great job in introducing andrew shobern

what if terrain park designers could create snow parks with intuitive 3d tools? or what if you could give freedom of movement to a child that can't breathe? and other questions where presented and illustrated at last weeks awesome design talks from the esteemed umeå institute of design.