how do you want to life? is a question i keep on asking myself those days. big city buzz or beautiful countryside? at the moment i am tending towards the second option more. a friggebod is a pretty cool place to stay in my transit mode for the moment. it is a small structure of no more than 15 square meters and 3 meters in height that may be built without a special permit here in sweden. originally build as part of an architectural  collaboration last summer, before the snow came the inside is now also nearly done. it feels like inside out when the window is open. love it!

former swedish minister of housing, birgit friggebo  started the concept in the 70s which apparently became a widely spread symbol of liberalization.  either way this is a pretty cool place to write.

and here a great little movie of marija and rich collecting money before it was build. it certainly made me smile watching it.
Floda31 Friggebodar from Marije de Haas on Vimeo.

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