Easkey Britton on the Power of Surfing

irish surf goodes easkey britton pulls back veils of the unseen and encourages people to connect with the ocean across cultural and social boarders. "if you share the ocean then it is like your are comppetely bonded because you become blood brother and sister"  she say before sharing the Aloha spirit of "keep giving that love and keep feel it come back until there is nothing else to give"


What's behind sport?

the latest from this years beyond sport summit, moderated by kevin negandhi (ESPN anchor) to find out how sport can be a stepping stone for much greater adventures. the panelist talk about the callenges they have to overcome and how they get the courage to work against all odds in places such as afghanistan and ssrael.

panelist are oliver percovich (skateistan), thania mukith (beyond sport youth ambassadors), john layfield (founder, beyond rugby bermuda), tami hay (director of the sport department, sport at the peres center for peace) and luke dowdney (founder, fight for peace).

the speakers share their stories of how sport has provided a common ground for change in cycles of violenc and certainly is an ispiration for anybody interested in that area.