Life is Pretty Leiwand

the promo video, life is pretty leiwand accompanies a scene of skateboarding girls and women in austria. we skate on short and long decks and hope to spread the stoke.

the austrian branch of the longboard girls crew organises workshops, meetings and events to give sporty girls the opportunity to meet like-minded people. our approach is to inspire more women to go out and skate. in colaboration with the austrian community bomben.at as well as local businesses such as ruffboards and cleanwooddistribution and with the hard work of  film students of the SAE  we created a snapshot of our life on the deck with four wheels.

we are neither particularly extreme, nor very professional. our concern is not whether we skate particularly gifted or dangerous or successful, that we skate and have fun is what counts for us. 

enjoy the movie. 

Longboard Yoga

the autumn kept me busy with working on a book, that is why i am a bit behind with updating my blog.  i will change this now by starting with the ride breath eat event that i organized with the super talented graphic designer and yoga teacher dani bily as well as photographer and mountain lover nicole fleck in the name of the longboard girls crew austria.

with the intention to combine longbaording and yoga we called for a day to do just that as we agree that both movement practices have a lot in common such as catching the flow, balance and the never ending practice as much as overcoming fear, dedication commitment and having fun of course


Longboard Girls Crew Austria Video Premiere

photo: christian reiter
full house and happy faces at the LGC austriapromo video premiere: “life is pretty leiwand”. great to see the finished video after hours and hours of hard work on the side of the film and editing crew. thank you lauren, markus, barbara, niki, glory, lari, clori, dani, nez, josefa and everybody else involved in making this a special evening.

photo: christian reiter



come and join us at the blue-tomato store in vienna for the video premiere of the LGC austria. we  inspire girls and boys to ride, organise workshops and special events such as longboard yoga for example. this is a little promo video about what we do and who we are. 

timings for the evening: 
7:00 pm - meet and greet
7:30 pm - raffle with fun goodies from our fantastic sponsors 
7:45 pm - screening 

after the video screening we will be heading to a secrete location for the after party. be there. it is the first video of the austrian female skate scene and we have free beer.


Styling it!

this girl debbie harry nails 1-footed 180s woop wooop! so excited, not seen many girls do this yet and this is a very beautiful flowing video.


Love & Giggles in Linz

photo: S.O.U.L vention

just wanted to share this lovely picture with you from the S.O.U.L vention festival in linz. marie and her crew organized a charming three-day festival with a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. my workshops on skateboarding and conflict transformation where booked out and i had a great time. i spend the afternoons teaching board basics such as how to roll around, push, tic tac, turn, carve, some basic dancing moves and of course sliding. the enthusiasm was huge and the learning curve fantastic. at the last day we even managed to carve down a hill with save food breaks and big smiles. besides skateboarding on long and short decks we had our days filled with love, soul and happiness. after our workshop sessions we where served tasty homemade food, enjoyed each other’s company and our ears had the pleasure to hear fantastic tunes mixed fresh from the DJ table. oh and we even had a live concert from jasmo on our last day. thank you so much for inviting me to play with you ladies! and last but not least thank you for blue tomato shop vienna for the longboards and ruffboards for the decks as much as for the luxury WV.


Ripping She Shredders

i can watch this brilliant footage of the ladies at the van doran’s over and over again!



Yoga, Longboarding and Healthy Food all combined will make a fine day! Together with my smiling sister Dani Billy (she will hold the yoga session) and The Longboard Girls Crew Austira (we will do the longboard workshops), we present you a day of breathing, boarding and eating. Naturkost St. Josef is cooking our energy food and all you need to do is join us. On the second of August 2014 at 11:00 on the Donauinsel. For more information visit her.


Austrian Lady Skate Exhibition

This Thursday is the opening of the "IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I!" exhibtion in Vienna. Inspired by Skateistan's Fazila, curator Melanie Ruff presents you this little gem of a show. Melanie, who is also the founding Mother of Ruffboards does a lot for the Austrian female skate scene and now animated a group of different artist to share their view of female skateboarding on hand of a variety of styles and techniques. The works will be unveiled in a joint exhibition and provides the starting point for the "Women Skate History" collection in Austria.

With works by Inga Guzyte, 6xa and Sqrl, Romana Wiesinger, Maria Arndt, Carolina Frank, farbwerke and Suck my trucks Contest

Exhibition opening: Thursday 17.July 2014 at 19.00
Duration: 18 July - 3 August 2014
Locaton: Schaukasten -Interessenraum für Zeitgenossenschaft 


Reclaim The City Linz

the sisters of urban language also known as S.O.U.L flavour are organizing a street festival in linz next week (14-16.7). its all about reclaiming the city and experiencing linz through: parkour, street art, photography, rap-poetry, filming and skateboarding. i will be doing a  workshop on longboarding and skateboarding for ladies. come and join as for the workshops and also for great music and good food.


Slide Trick Tips for Loooongboards

as promised before, its summer and the latest issue of the golden ride magazine is out now. in the 98paged magazine is not only a story of easkey britton on surfing iran but also a selection of surf yoga flow exercises presented by my smiling sister daniela bily. last bot not least, i am very happy about a three paged trick tip article in which i am illustrating the colman slide and a speed scheck.  thank you dani for taking me on board and thank you anita for the picture and the edit.


the berlin fashion week started today and its special because my friend nora is presenting her beautiful HÄNSKA bags at the collect showroom for contemporary fashion from today onwards. visit her live during the show or online. Below a little video of the latest look book production. 



this is alana smith being amazing! not only the youngest x-game medallist, alane now is the first lady to stand a banging backlfip. i find the slam before the final is just as incredible as the backflip itself. alana must be a rubber cat in a human body or some other phenomenal appearance. but watch for yourself.



glori, now since she lives in vienna also known under gitti, is living the dream! watching her go fast in czech republic makes me want to drop everything and join her right now. glor you rock


The Art of Revolution


my friend and colleague adham hamed is a cairo based peace and conflict researcher who last week launched his latest book on: revolution as a process: the case of the egyptian uprising. sadly i could not make the presentation but i am happy to share this little video with you. the clip not only shows the shared efforts to change how research and academic cooperation’s are bing conducted but also provides a space for different narratives about the egyptian revolution.


Golden Bag of Tricks

photo by dani bily
we both working hard for a trick tip sequence in the upcoming golden ride magazine. the issue will be out end of june. in the meantime visit smile at your sister for a little sneak peak.


Longboard Workshop in Vienna

after a sucessful and very green GREENskate last weekend we,  the longboard girls crew austria are organising a free longboard workshop in vienna. on saturday the 10th of mai from 11:00 onwards we will be teaching girls and boys of all levels and ages at the volkspark laaerberg. this workshop will be documented on film for the LGC promotional video shoot. come and join the fun


Green Day

green skate, green helmet and a perfect day for a happy ride.


LGC Film in the Making

filming for the LGC promo video at the schwarzenbergplatz in vienna now. come and join us if you like, the more the merrier.


Greenskate Vienna

the LGC austria is inviting all riders from far and near to gather for a massive viennese style “Green Skate 2014”. the first ever green skate event was held in calgary, canada in 2007 and grew out of the idea to promote longboarding as a green mode of transprot for earth day. to honor this roots we will be meeting at the U1 station donauinsel for 14:00 sharp before pushing to the u-turn spot for a short ice cream break and some dancing. then we’ll cruise to the unity spot where we will be gathering for a slide session and for beginners, a workshop on footbrake/sliding. bring your helmet, pads and gloves, and some GREEN food and drink for a picnic on the grass next to the slide spot. in case of bad weather, we will still meet at 14:00 to enjoy the roof of the bridge for some dancing, freestyle action.

join us on FB for updates.

Salzburger Community Skate Yam

photo thanks to weahtly media

thank you Longboarding Salzburg for a great day on a super fun road. team double mallgrab was there to represent :)


Julia Brückler Kicks Ass

vienna is a seedbed for greatskateboarding with the best recent example being julia brückler latest bags of tricks. this lady just recently got an invite to the women’s skateboard streetcontest at the x-games in austin as the only european. woop woop she is good, but watch for yourself.


Invisible Ramps

the invisible ramps campaign is a pretty sweet marketing strategy of nomad skateboards. although i am slightly cringing at the voiceover content i love the invisible ramps and seeing more of them would make me happy.


The Season is ON

thanks to everybody who came to make the vianna spring roll possible. mainly thanks to glori and her persuasive  talent we had longboarders as much as shortboarders playing together, a sight not so common in the war between long and short decks. i like it when things mix and hope this silly game on who is the toughest or coolest boarder will find its end soon.


Vienna Spring Roll

the sun is shining unsusually bright for this time of the year and the longboard girls crew austria is calling all girls with wheels to meet at the vienna donau insel for a season start gathering.

meeting place: U1 donauinsel, right outside the station at 2pm on Sunday the 30.3.2014. in case the sun is not keeping its promise we will stay underneath the tube bridge (dancing, street obstacles), otherwise we plan to cruise the donauinsel and maybe hit up the unity spot (dancing, sliding). 

come and join us.


Rilke on patience

a poem by reiner maria rilke. this on is in german for a change but google translate might help to solve the mystery. rilke writes beautifully about the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Über die Geduld 

Man muss den Dingen
die eigene, stille
ungestörte Entwicklung lassen,
die tief von innen kommt
und durch nichts gedrängt
oder beschleunigt werden kann,
alles ist austragen – und
dann gebären…
Reifen wie der Baum,
der seine Säfte nicht drängt
und getrost in den Stürmen des Frühlings steht,
ohne Angst,
dass dahinter kein Sommer
kommen könnte.


Gift Community

there are other ways of doing things and this is just one. currenly i am very much inspired by the gift economy, or what charles eisenstein calls sacret economy. more and more people around me offer their services on such a model and yeah i am excited to see this change.


Ganz Wien Premiere

  "Ganz Wien" -Trailer from Johannes Wahl on Vimeo.

tonight is the night of ganz wien.  a viannese skateboarding movie from the 80s till now-ish.   @ 9pm. top-kino in 1060 vienna, rahlgasse 1. first come, first serve its fee entry and it will be packed for sure.