Ripping She Shredders

i can watch this brilliant footage of the ladies at the van doran’s over and over again!



Yoga, Longboarding and Healthy Food all combined will make a fine day! Together with my smiling sister Dani Billy (she will hold the yoga session) and The Longboard Girls Crew Austira (we will do the longboard workshops), we present you a day of breathing, boarding and eating. Naturkost St. Josef is cooking our energy food and all you need to do is join us. On the second of August 2014 at 11:00 on the Donauinsel. For more information visit her.


Austrian Lady Skate Exhibition

This Thursday is the opening of the "IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I!" exhibtion in Vienna. Inspired by Skateistan's Fazila, curator Melanie Ruff presents you this little gem of a show. Melanie, who is also the founding Mother of Ruffboards does a lot for the Austrian female skate scene and now animated a group of different artist to share their view of female skateboarding on hand of a variety of styles and techniques. The works will be unveiled in a joint exhibition and provides the starting point for the "Women Skate History" collection in Austria.

With works by Inga Guzyte, 6xa and Sqrl, Romana Wiesinger, Maria Arndt, Carolina Frank, farbwerke and Suck my trucks Contest

Exhibition opening: Thursday 17.July 2014 at 19.00
Duration: 18 July - 3 August 2014
Locaton: Schaukasten -Interessenraum für Zeitgenossenschaft 


Reclaim The City Linz

the sisters of urban language also known as S.O.U.L flavour are organizing a street festival in linz next week (14-16.7). its all about reclaiming the city and experiencing linz through: parkour, street art, photography, rap-poetry, filming and skateboarding. i will be doing a  workshop on longboarding and skateboarding for ladies. come and join as for the workshops and also for great music and good food.


Slide Trick Tips for Loooongboards

as promised before, its summer and the latest issue of the golden ride magazine is out now. in the 98paged magazine is not only a story of easkey britton on surfing iran but also a selection of surf yoga flow exercises presented by my smiling sister daniela bily. last bot not least, i am very happy about a three paged trick tip article in which i am illustrating the colman slide and a speed scheck.  thank you dani for taking me on board and thank you anita for the picture and the edit.


the berlin fashion week started today and its special because my friend nora is presenting her beautiful HÄNSKA bags at the collect showroom for contemporary fashion from today onwards. visit her live during the show or online. Below a little video of the latest look book production. 



this is alana smith being amazing! not only the youngest x-game medallist, alane now is the first lady to stand a banging backlfip. i find the slam before the final is just as incredible as the backflip itself. alana must be a rubber cat in a human body or some other phenomenal appearance. but watch for yourself.



glori, now since she lives in vienna also known under gitti, is living the dream! watching her go fast in czech republic makes me want to drop everything and join her right now. glor you rock


The Art of Revolution


my friend and colleague adham hamed is a cairo based peace and conflict researcher who last week launched his latest book on: revolution as a process: the case of the egyptian uprising. sadly i could not make the presentation but i am happy to share this little video with you. the clip not only shows the shared efforts to change how research and academic cooperation’s are bing conducted but also provides a space for different narratives about the egyptian revolution.