Life is Pretty Leiwand

the promo video, life is pretty leiwand accompanies a scene of skateboarding girls and women in austria. we skate on short and long decks and hope to spread the stoke.

the austrian branch of the longboard girls crew organises workshops, meetings and events to give sporty girls the opportunity to meet like-minded people. our approach is to inspire more women to go out and skate. in colaboration with the austrian community bomben.at as well as local businesses such as ruffboards and cleanwooddistribution and with the hard work of  film students of the SAE  we created a snapshot of our life on the deck with four wheels.

we are neither particularly extreme, nor very professional. our concern is not whether we skate particularly gifted or dangerous or successful, that we skate and have fun is what counts for us. 

enjoy the movie. 

Longboard Yoga

the autumn kept me busy with working on a book, that is why i am a bit behind with updating my blog.  i will change this now by starting with the ride breath eat event that i organized with the super talented graphic designer and yoga teacher dani bily as well as photographer and mountain lover nicole fleck in the name of the longboard girls crew austria.

with the intention to combine longbaording and yoga we called for a day to do just that as we agree that both movement practices have a lot in common such as catching the flow, balance and the never ending practice as much as overcoming fear, dedication commitment and having fun of course