Innsbruck Academic Festival of Many Peaces

today i can happily announce the 1stinnsbruck academic festival of many peaces. this is going to be an awesome one week academic conference - festival where practitioners and theorist are going to meet to discuss topics of elicitive conflict transformation and transrationalpeace philosophy. we have our webhome running and are looking forward to host an enriching event. visit us on our website and apply to participate from today onwards.


Call for Equality

timely with the start of the ISPO the WIB ladies posted an open letter to the action sports industry, calling for a change in the currently often objectified presentation of the female body. with this fitting image above, the ladies twist the crap advertising trend into other directions. not to do the same, just the other way round -but to make a point and to gain attention. love it! 

"we call on the action sports industry to change its female marketing from the trivializing and objectifying representation that dominate the industry toward a more dignified, empowering, and inspirational representation of women that value our diversity, capacity, creativity and courage. we want others to relate to our reality through the media and advertising, in order to share how amazing it feels, how empowering and feeing it is to live our passion" the ladies write. 

i share the open letter below, with the wish, that the unifying values initiative inspires board-, action and lifestyle brands to focus their advertising campaigns on the power of such activities rather then objectifying the female body to sell their products. especially after last summers official trailer for the biarritz roxy pro women surf event - that had near no surfing but lots of sexual seduction- i find the below letter timely necessary.